How to splice and extend 3M DI-NOC dinoc Carbon Fiber Vinyl make sheet longer

This short video brought to you by explains how to add more length to your application area without showing any seams by splicing

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Finish Line Knifeless Tape Butt Seam Demonstration with Two Pieces of Vinyl Wrap
This video shows the proper technique to install a perfect butt seam with two different pieces of vinyl wrap using Finish Line Knifeless Tape by Knifeless Tech Systems.

Vinyl Wrap 3D 4D 6D & Real Carbon Fiber - HD 4K
3D Vinyl Wrap, 4D Vinyl Wrap 6D Vinyl Wrap & Real Carbon Fiber Comparison in daylight, direct light & room light Please Like If The Vidio was helpful & leave comments about your thought & experiences Facebook - 4D wrap on a desk

Covering SEAT badge in 3M DI-NOC Carbon Fibre vinyl
A guide to using 3M DI-NOC Carbon Fibre vinyl on a front badge. In this case, a SEAT Ibiza. This is a rough guide only and should not be used if you are wrapping anything larger such as a car panel.

4D Carbon Fiber Vinyl Install on Pillars
This video is about Installing 4D Carbon Fiber Vinyl on Pillars of a 2002 Ford Focus. They were worn out and needed some updating. I covered the existing trim pieces and cut to fit. I go into some detail of mistakes that people make when doing this themselves. Subscribe to my page to see more upcoming projects (wrapping mirrors and interior parts)