Diy - Angel eyes

How to make angel eyes

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** TUTORIAL ** - Angel Eye self custruction - ANGEL EYE HOMEMADE - How To Create Custom Angel Eye
Costruzione di angel eyes

Mazda 6, ангельские глазки в стиле ТРОН Уникальный апгрейд оптики для Mazda 6

ojos de angel/angel eyes rav4 tuning 2012 instalacion leds en faros
aqui la presentacion de unos ojos de angel instalados en una toyota rav4 espero y les agrade el video........y con unos estrobos de policia leds en el interior .......amplificador con el estereo de la agencia ...con un convertidor de altas a bajas

Halo LED Projector Headlights-GOOD IDEA OR RIPOFF?!?!!!!
*3-6-17 UPDATE* Let me save you 6 minutes of your life... The information in this video is outdated. A new video series has been linked to this video and worth your time. However, if you want to waste your time, go right ahead and keep watching. *6-2-14 UPDATE* This video was made in 2010... Since then more options are available on the market. I've also sold this vehicle and have "moved on" with life. Thanks to everyone that understood what this video was meant for.