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Toyota New Vios_Fast i (Full) Muffler 's sound with Header By YS Racing

We produce and install Muffler & Exhaust from Titanium and Stainless from Thailand. Contact : JIM 089-483-7556 (Line/WhatApp) and 086-338-0756 Line & WhatApp ID : YS Racing (ysracing) Facebook : www.facebook.com/YSracingShop Instagram & Twitter : @ysracingshop YouTube Channel : www.youtube.com/ysracingshop


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New Vios 5Zigen muffler Design&Silencer
New Vios 1.5 J MT ( เดิมๆ ) ...แก๊สโซฮอลล์ 91 5Zigen muffler Design (ซื้อมาจาก เพื่อนๆ ใน NewViosClub Thailand ) Silencer By ส. เจริญพร รามอินทรา (เฮียลิ้ม) ถ่ายจากกล้อง SONY Cyber shot DSC-P200 ระยะห่างประมาณ 2 เมตร ... Silencer ที่ใส่ฟังดูข้างนอกตัวรถแล ้วอาจไม่แตกต่างเท่าไร แต่ถ้าฟังจากในห้องโดยสารแ ล้วแตกต่างพอสมควร หลักๆ เลยเสียงจะไม่ก้องมาก รอบเบาก็จะเงียบ ไมคราง...นับเป็นการแก้ปัญหา ( คนนั่งข้างๆ บ่น) ที่ไม่สิ้นเปลืองมาก....วันไ นอยากซิ่งก็ถอดออกได้ ง่ายๆ

Toyota Vios 2013
Mọi chi tiết xin liên hệ: Đại diện bán hàng: Trần Xuân Linh Hotline (24/7) : 0984 51 52 99 Email: tranxuanlinh299@gmail.com Trân trọng cảm ơn và mong đợi hợp tác của quý khách !

Eastern Flush Meet No.5
Eastern Flush Thailand Meeting No.5 16-Sep-2012 Music1 : Sway - Still Speeding (Kill The Noise Remix) Music2 : Butch Clancy ft. Amy Kuney - Far Away From Me Please follow us at Page : http://www.facebook.com/Easternflush Group Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/groups/185257501596993/

BEST of Start Up sounds!! More than 70 Exhaust Sounds!
To celebrate my 600th video, I have made this compilation: probably all the start up sounds from supercars I've recorded in the past years. It's the largest start-up sound compilation on YouTube right now! I have put them together in one video with more than 70 start up sounds! What's you favorite start up sound? Let me know by leaving a comment behind! Follow me: http://www.Gumbal.tv 1st Channel: http://www.YouTube.com/GUMBAL 2nd Channel: http://www.YouTube.com/GUMBALTV 3rd Channel: http://www.YouTube.com/CarChannelClassic FACEBOOK: http://www.fb.com/GUMBALTV INSTAGRAM: http://www.instagram.com/GUMBALTV TWITTER: http://Twitter.com/GUMBALTV GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+Gumbal Thanks you for watching my videos. All feedback on my videos are appreciated! Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to my channel. More videos coming up! - Hans

Toyota Yaris Full Set + J's FX Pro Muffler 's sound By YS Racing
We produce and install Muffler & Exhaust from Titanium and Stainless from Thailand. Contact : JIM 089-483-7556 (Line/WhatApp) and 086-338-0756 Line & WhatApp ID : YS Racing (ysracing) Facebook : www.facebook.com/YSracingShop Instagram & Twitter : @ysracingshop YouTube Channel : www.youtube.com/ysracingshop

KYB Front TOYOTA Verso S
Video showing correct fitment of shock absorbers to the front of: Toyota Verso S (11.10-)

PipeWerks - The Mayor Ti-Hybrid - Toyota Vios 1.5 m/t
PipeWerks Racing Exhaust - The Mayor Ti-Hybrid diameter 2'' Stainless Steel SUS304 housing + Pure Titanium tips Toyota Vios 1.5 m/t Exhaust Headers + Deleted Cat + Straight pipe 1.5'' + PipeWerks Signature resonator

Life Compilation
http://facebook.com/MarkFreeman408 http://instagram.com/MarkFreeman408 http://twitter.com/MarkFreeman408 500th Video! Compilation of all my 2011/2012 footage! Enjoy! Song - I Knew I Couldn't Trust You - Silverstein https://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/silverstein/id2621140

chirp! : เผยโฉม Vios 2013? พร้อมสัมผัส Chevy Sonic 1.4 LTZ
ศึกรถ B-Segment กำลังจะปะทุอีกครั้งในปีนี ้! ตอย Toyd และ กล้วย BnN จึงขออัพเดทความเคลื่อนไหว พร้อมการเผยโฉม Vios 2013 อันลือลั่น??? พร้อมดีเทลเครื่องยนต์ที่ใ ช้?? รวมไปถึงการจับเอารถยนต์ So You (แปลว่าไรฟะ?) อย่าง Chevy Sonic 1.4 LTZ มาสัมผัส ล้วง แคะ แกะ เกา ให้หนำใจ 100 แรงม้ากันไปเร่ะ!! /////////// Facebook Fan Page : fb.com/headlightmag // Instagram : @toydthepkanjana @bnnchayakorn

Feeling Racing Exhaust For New Vios By idea Muffler.MOV
idea Muffler : Exhaust Performance ท่อจิ๋ว Feeling Racing Exhaust For New Vios idea Muffler Tel.084-548-0610 Golf (Whatsapp/LINE) Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Idea-Mu...

How to make big exhaust sound
Explains how to make the Exhaust sound of the Vios 1.5G A/T

HKS R35 GT-R Racing Muffler DYNO TEST with GT1000 TURBINE KIT
The Ultimate High Spec Muffler Designed For Over 1000PS Designed purely in pursuit of Exhaust efficiency and targets 1000+hp vehicles with ultra low flow resistance. Pipe Diameter is 101.6mm. By Including a new center pipe the flange joining the muffler is enlarged allowing a straight design without restriction. Sound level and tone are tuned to match racing environment rather than street use. Fully Tested With "HKS GT1000 Racing Spec"

ProDrager Newvios full set

Toyota Vios muffler sound
Twin Exhaust 3 inch Outer + DIY Hot Air Intake

Toyota Vios Turbo - In Car Video
Experiencing massive wheel spin on 3rd gear rolling start despite with LSD fitted. Will be back for more, stay tuned. Built and tuned by GT Auto, Malaysia. 501 whp, built engine, 8000 rev cut, pump gas + avgas, 2.2 bar of Boost, no water/meth injection, no Nitrous. Visit www.viosturbo.com for more information.

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