Audi Coupe V8 Dragster

Audi 80 V8 Coupe custom Dragster over 1000 hp, 9 sec to 270 km/h at the 1/4 Meile event "King of Europe" in Chimay Belgium.

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1140hp Trendab's Audi S2 "CarbonDestroyer" sound (part 1)
Ilmars Zausajevs 1140hp 1000+Nm 1991 5Cyl Trendab's engine Audi S2 Coupe quattro "CarbonDestroyer" sound (part 1) JOIN QUIZGROUP PARTNER PROGRAM:

Big Block Dragster Burnout Sound
Big Block Muscelcars Burnout V8 Dragster Sound 1/4 Meile by King of Europe Chimay Belgium.

Audi 90 Quattro Turbo 1000HP

Bitburg 2011 Audi Sport-Quattro
Schöner Audi