yatala headworx 1200 Ca18

HERE IT IS....the yatala headworkx ca18 power 1200sedan...730hp from a 1.8L...1hp:1kg....MENTLE!

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turbowerx automotive 200sx
grahams crazy 200sx. at mercury motorsport Dyno day, 19/12/09...coilpack issues as u can see the spark..car has made 1154hp atw the week before...rb26-30 gt47R...on pump fuel!!!

320+ HP Datsun 1200 Dyno Run Yatala Headworx
This is another car that has been built by the guys at Yatala Headworx. The datsun is running the original engine. This car was running around the track at powercruise 2008.

CA18DET powered Datsun 1200 Drag Car 600+hp

Tappet's Datsun 1200 Ca18det on the dyno
CA18det Datsun 1200 tune up on the Dyno. stock internals with miocrotech ecu.. made 234hp atw on 16psi and 6400 revs.. .