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Golf IV Problem

Problem se pojavljuje na jraju clipa


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Golf 4 ASR/ESP "Problem"?
Hey, im video sieht man ganz schön um welches problem es sich handelt. und zwar sieht man, als ich runter fahre also rückwerts und dann bremse, wie die asr lampe angeht und nicht wieder ausgeht obwohl ich den esp schalter nicht gedrückt habe! habe dann im handbuch nachgeschaut, normalerweise sollte die lampe nur dann an sein wenn ASR/ESP wirkt. außerdem soll die lampe nachdem man die zündung anmacht nach 2 sek wieder erlischen ansonsten steht dies für eine störung im ESP/ASR/ABS oder es steht dafür das es ausgeschaltet ist. ich hab es aber nicht ausgeschaltet? so nachdem ich dann die straße einmal rauf und runter gefahren bin, und dann auf den knopf gedrückt habe ist das lämpchen wieder ausgegangen? wie kann das kommen? mfg Max

VW GOLF MK4 bad start and crazy dashboard pointers
this fault start to happen after i removed/ some fuses in fusebox and i inserted all fuses back to their original place in fusebox, but this anomaly started right then when i had finished puting back all the fuses. need some help. as you can see in the video engine also wont start all the time at first try(after whole engine replace), ...anybody?

Golf IV gear stick problem
I uploaded this hoping I get some advices from people at vwvortex.com . The problem is ... When engine runs for 5-10KM and is warmed up, the gearstick moves harder and does not come back to the initial position (in middle). It only happens when it is warm outside, over 22°C; It runs smooth all winter or when it rains. Seriously :| EDIT (LATER): I know 95% what caused this .... I unmounted and cleaned and greased most of the gear linkage "hip joints" and it worked nicely for few weeks even in very hot days but after few rains it moved hard again, I am sure that grease washed away while driving in rainy days. The cover under the engine is just partial on this gas engine/model and water gets close to gearbox linkage.

MK4 VW Golf GTI 1.8t Idle Problem...**NOW SOLVED** See Description
I managed to catch my cars problem on my phone whilst waiting at red lights. This problem used to be intermittent but is becoming more frequent....maybe due to cold weather. It does tend to be ok when car reaches temperature. I think this problem at idle also carries over to when im driving sometimes. When im moving off from 1st gear i sometimes have to rev more than usual to avoid the "kangaroo petrol" effect. Also in all other gears iv experienced the kangaroo effect as tho the power is cutting off and coming back on sporadically or someone is dabbing the brakes . ** SOLUTION: Ok thanks to everyone for responding with suggestions. It turns out that it was a dodgy Coolant Temperature Sensor. A very cheap solution to a very annoying problem. It was a green one but must just have been faulty. Drove buttery smooth after a quick change over. Hope this solves other peoples problems.

VW Golf IV immobilizer fail, engine start forbidden
Engine start forbidden, immobilizer fail.

VW Golf broken gearbox
Car moving

Golf IV 1.6i 16V onboard reving.AVI
onboard reving.. VW Golf 1.6i 16V (77kW)..

Vw Golf IV 1.6 16v acceleration
A Golf IV 1.6 16v lightly modified accelerating in a tunnel

Golf IV 1.9 TDI Start Problem
1999 Volkswagen Golf IV AHF 81kW (110HP) Start Problem. Probably injection pump is damaged.

Volkswagen Golf Mk IV doesn't start
Volkswagen Golf Mk IV doesn't start from the first turn of the key. What do you think is wrong with it? Help!

Problema Vw Golf iv 1.6 105cv 16v año 2001
Se le ha cambiado el conjunto mariposa , un captador y no encuentran la averia el coche sigue fallando como se ve en el video no mantiene el ralenti, se ha visto en varios talleres y no se da con la averia.

VW Golf V Transmission Failure
Transmission bearings awfully noising, after 50000km. VW quality?

Golf 4 1.9 TDI 110PS 0-130
VW Golf 4 1.9 TDI mit 110PS 235Nm Sprint von 0-100 in 10,5s.

golf 4 problem 1.4i
imam problem.... izbacuje mi ovaj error kad vozim sporije..... u pitanju je golf 4 2000 benzin 1.4i

cold start VW golf IV 1.6 16v
Cold start at -7Celsius, vw golf mk4 1.6, 105bhp

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