2006 Toyota Tundra Struggling to tow a Bobcat

struggles to accelerate while towing a bobcat (flooring)

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2006 Tundra at boat ramp, baja 42'
2006 Toyota Tundra Double Cab, supercharged, pulling out Baja 42' long

Toyota Tundra vs Dodge Ram - who has the stronger truck!
Tundra will ALWAYS pull a Dodge.

2016 Ford Ecoboost 3.5 Real world towing 10,500 up 10% grade SLOWLY
I take my 16 Ford F150 down and up a mostly 6 degree (9%) grade, hitting 7 Deg (10%). Also on this trip I hit a 10% grade, but could not video that. See how it pulls at low RPM, and slow speed. I have also pulled about 11,600 when fully loaded on my trailer.. I really liked that the EcoBoost keeps its power band at about 2400 RPM, so you don't need to really REV up to tow uphill!

Lifted Toyota Tundra towing 30ft Toy Hauler
my lifted 2007 Tundra tows our 30ft. toyhauler fully loaded no problem