mazda rx7 non turbo 1st day of drag racing gainesville 2011

1986 mazda rx7 non turbo 1st day of 2011 gainesville raceway Fastest time of the day was a 14.87 at 93.40 Put down 144 horsepower to the wheels. Video got cut short battery died.

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1988 Mazda Rx7 NonTurbo Streetported redlining
1988 Mazda Rx7 streetported na redlining through the gears, for the record i could of revved all the way to the end of the tach which is 8000rpm, so this isnt 100% of what the car could of done ( for those questioning my car's engine temp, my car is running at operating temp, its normally 1/4 of the way up fully warmed up..the car isn't redlining cold) Racing Beat streetable header, straight pipe in place of cat, Borla 2.5" catback Exhaust, K&N cone intake, ported throttlebody, removed secondary throttlebody plates, lightweight steel Racing Beat flywheel and Centerforce Dualfriction clutch, removed 5th/6th auxilary ports/sleeves/rods and actuators

7 Second RX7 - Turbo bigger than the motor!
CONGRATS to Bola de Humo Racing for running their first 7 the first time on the 1320 with their new setup! Check out this 88mm turbo powered RX7 tearing down the track weed-wacker style and all! :) Their Facebook Page -

Low 13 Second 1/4 Mile Runs With My Turbo-NA Bridgeport RX-7
Five mid to low 13 quarter mile runs from the track a few weeks ago. The challange remains to be getting traction on an open diff and street tires. The car is a 1986 RX-7 with a 6 port turbo engine, small bridgeport, GT4088R at 13 PSI, custom Exhaust and intake manifolds, Microtech LT8s and and too many other mods to list. Last Dyno the car made 387 RWHP at 297 FT-LBs of torque at 13 PSI. The car makes too much power to get out of the 13s due to wheel spin, so the next upgrade is going to be a limited slip differential.

drag rx7
burnout and launch of drag rx7