Turbo Duster, Cam Lope,10:1 compression heads/cam motor. Great Depression Racing

190,000 mile junkyard 10:1 motor from a Mitsubishi Diamante combined with heads/cams from my old 7:1 race motor. Me like compression plus Boost :) Me like it a lot. First start.

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How To Turbocharge A Truck
Here is how to turbocharge a truck using an amazing turbo whistle kit. turbocharging your truck is easy with the turbo Exhaust whistle. Just put it in the end of the Exhaust pipe and you will have a turbocharged truck.

384whp turbo Duster vs 442whp Nissan SR20VET (variable cam), Torque wins. Great Depression Racing
Coheeds GT3076 powered Sentra on 17 to 22 pounds of Boost vs the precision 6765 powered Junkyard and its clogged fuel filter limiting Boost to 13 psi. Coheed couldnt understand how he lost the race until he looked at the torque numbers at his friends Dyno shop and how wide the powerband is. He actually called his friend to open up the Dyno shop to prove the car couldn't run higher Boost and was out of fuel. First organized fun run against a very fast car. So since then he spent a lot of time trying to widen his powerband and has enjoyed the results!

Renault Duster 4x4 AT, тест-драйв
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WRX w/ High comp 2.5 STi brid FP Red, 280 cams, Built PPG Gearbox burns the tires down the 1/8
This is with the new turbo and a conservative tune at 21-22psi with very little timing on 93 pump. Car does spray close to 900cc of 100% methanol, but it's not on that map and it's turned off for the tonight for obvious traction issues with just pump gas. The electronic cutout is closed.......shoots a couple nice flames too bouncing off the limiter. Cool Track=1 New 245 KDWs=0