Mitsubishi Evolution III

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Two Turbo + NOS = BEST LAUNCH EVER // 860 HP // EVO MITSUBISHI // Like us for more content! This is the original frame rate ! No speed up on the video ! Please Subscribe and share ! I promise that I will put new videos of this crazy beast when the video get One Million Views! So please share ;)

New MITSUBISHI EVOLUTION Compilation 2015 Donuts Crash Flame Launch Drift Rally Time Attack PART 2
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Mitsubishi Evolution X in Qatar
A short film with a race modified Mitsubishi Evolution X including detail shots, onboard footage and Exhaust flames! Join my facebook page for exclusive photos & news!

600HP Lancer EVO IX Launch Control 0-270km/h
I have filmed an insanely fast Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX tuned up to around 600hp by Cambiocorsa Performance, an italian tuner specialized in Japanese cars. Video shows some loud launch control starts of the EVO including a full throttle acceleration 0-270 km/h on a closed course. Cambiocorsa Performance official Facebook page: Follow me also on: - Facebook: - Google+: - Twitter: - 2nd Car Channel: