INSANE Illegal Motorcycle STUNTS On Highway LONG WHEELIES Street Bike TRICKS Middle Of The Map Ride

Watch as motorcycle stunt riders perform insane motorcycle stunts putting on a show on the highway riding wheelies on there stuntbikes. This ride is a annual street ride called Middle Of The Map Street Ride that take place in Kansas City, MO "KCMO" Some of the best stunter in America travel to Kansas City, MO to attend this insane street ride to show off there stunt bike skills. These riders well show you how to wheelie a street bike on the highway let me tell you. Some of the most crazy motorcycle tricks are featured in this video clip all caught on camera. Check out some of the best motorcycle stunt riders throw down on the Middle Of The Map Street Ride!!!! Riding wheelies on there sport bikes that are japan brands like Suzuki GSXR, Honda CBR, Kawasaki Ninja, & Yamaha R1 & R6 these video shows all these bikes getting stunted it's a must see. Please SHARE & LIKE Video!!! SUBSCRIBE Blox Starz TV For NEW Videos Visit Blox Starz Official Web Site CONNECT With Blox Starz Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Google+:

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ROC Streetfighterz RIDE OF THE CENTURY 2014 Street Bike STUNTS Motorcycle Drifting + Riding Wheelies
ILLEGAL Extreme Freestyle Motorcycle Stunt Riding At Streetfighterz ROC Ride Of The Century 2014 The World Largest Annual Street Stunt Ride Held In Saint Louis, MO. Insane street bike stunts at high speed such as wheelies and drifts caught on video tape on public roads, streets, and highways. Watch video footage of stunts gone wrong that result in huge motorcycle accidents on freeway that causes domino effect of fallen motorcycles that crash into each other creating huge motorcycle pile up on busy highway. Motorcycle stunt rider crashes drifting on the street. Stunt bike rider wrecks riding 2 up tandem wheelies with girlfriend on the road. Motorcycle stunt riders show off their stunt bike skills on the street performing crazy tricks racing in, out, and around cars, automobiles and any other traffic on the road. This video clip features street bike stunt riders riding long fast highway wheelies while performing wheelie combo's plus insane motorcycle drifting on the highway. Police try to stop this street ride ever year but fail to do so. Bike Vs Cops in Saint Louis, MO and surrounding areas large group of bikers take over the streets riding motorcycle stunts. Please SHARE & LIKE Video!!! ((( WATCH ROC Streetfighterz Ride Of The Century Blox Starz TV PART 1 Video Link Below ))) SUBSCRIBE Blox Starz TV For NEW Videos Visit Blox Starz Official Web Site CONNECT With Blox Starz Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Google+:

HAYABUSA Motorcycle STUNTS On Highway WHEELIES + DRIFTING BUSA GSXR 1300 Street Bike Stunt Riding
Motorcycle stunt rider performs insane stunts on 2014 Suzuki Hayabusa or Busa GSXR 1300 R. Watch such stunts as wheelies and drifting on the highway. You'll see stunt riding on a all 100% stock or OEM non modified 1300cc Street Bike. This motorcycle has no aftermarket stunt parts such as no sprocket or gearing chances, no added crash cage, and no added 12 o clock bar or any other aftermarket stunt parts commonly seen on most stunt bikes. The video features a brand new 2014 Suzuki Hayabusa or Busa GSXR 1300 R motorcycle doing stunts during street ride session on public highways, freeways, streets, and roads of Kansas City, MO. Watch as professional motorbike stunt rider rides wheelies at high speeds that include sit down and stand up wheelies while scraping 12' o Clock putting the 1300cc motorcycle straight up and down throw sparks when scraping the dual Exhaust pipes, rear tail fairing, and brake light. This motorcyclist also doe's high speed highway drifts smoking the rear tire swerving lanes while drifting burning rubber down the highway at fast speeds smoking up the streets swing lane to lane on the freeway. Please SHARE & LIKE Video!!! SUBSCRIBE Blox Starz TV For NEW Videos Visit Blox Starz Official Web Site LET'S CONNECT Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Google+:

Motorcycle STUNTS 2014 Saint Louis MO STREET RIDE Session Blox Starz Streetfighterz Motorbike TRICKS
Watch as small group of motorcycle stunt riders terrorize the streets of downtown Saint Louis, MO for 2014 street stunt riding session. You'll see insane street bike stunts an tricks performed on public roads with no regard for law enforcement or traffic laws. As you can clearly see shown during the video when one of the stunt bike riders doe's a long combo wheelie in the heart of downtown Saint Louis in close proximity to the world famous arch an when the stunt rider hits a red light traffic signal the stunt rider amazingly continues to wheelie without setting down the front wheel going straight into circle wheelies at the red light when a police officer in patrol car tries to pull over the stunt rider stunting directly in front of him setting up a bike vs cop scenario an the stunt bike rider didn't look like he was to worried about being chased by the police or getting caught an arrested by cops. This video features some of the most skilled street stunt riders in the nation performing some of the most difficult motorcycle stunts in the sport. Some of the motorcycle stunts you'll see in this video our combo wheelies, 12' o clock scrapes, drifting, burnouts, and stoppies plus much more. Check out some of the top street motorcycle stunt riders from Blox Starz an Streetfighterz stunt teams along with many other highly skilled stunt riders. Most of the street bike riders in this video our riding bikes known as stunt bikes. A motorcycle that is specially build for stunt riding. A few of the most popular modifications are rear hand brake mounted on the left side of the handle bars, crash cage, 12' o clock scrape bar, sub cage, an bigger rear sprocket + much more bases on pacific riders preference. All the footage shown in this video was shoot on the same day in Saint Louis, MO an shrouding area's. Most of the footage was captured with Go Pro Hero 3+ helmet cams an with Cannon HF G10 with Opteka super fisheye 0.3x HD death lens. We hope you enjoy what we caught on camera. Please SHARE & LIKE Video!!! SUBSCRIBE Blox Starz TV For NEW Videos Visit Blox Starz Official Web Site CONNECT With Blox Starz Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Google+:

STREET BALLIN Police Chase Street Bike Wheelies Motorcycle Stunts Drifting Gymkhana Drift Video
INSANE Street Motorcycle Stunts Caught On Video Tape! Street Ballin is a official Blox Starz TV production featuring such street bike stunts as police chases, high speed drifting, wheelies, stoppies, and burnouts. The stunts shown in this video where performed all on public highways, streets, and roads of Kansas City, MO and surrounding area's. You'll see what happens when these insane bikers come face to face with police while performing stunts in front of cops who try pulling over the stunt rider and arrest him for doing illegal motorcycle stunts on busy public street. Police began chasing the riders after seeing him doing tricks such as circle wheelies at a red light intersection the biker waits for cop car to almost hit him before setting down the front wheel and start running from police who give chase for a brief moment before realizing the street bike is just too fast the rider outruns police and gets away from law enforcement. from perform insane tricks in front of the public on the street's of KCMO at night. This video showcases these sport bike riders skills and talent for riding on one wheel on motorcycles plus smoking the tire while drifting. All stunt bike rider featured in this video wear protective gear, like helmets, & gloves! Please SHARE & LIKE Video!!! SUBSCRIBE Blox Starz TV For NEW Videos Visit Blox Starz Official Web Site CONNECT With Blox Starz Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Google+: