4 Pump Monte Carlo built by Drop Jaw Customs

Big Mike of Drop Jaw Customs testing out the CCE 4 Pump set up for the first time.

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Rob Reco hopping the Monte Carlo built by Drop Jaw Customs
Testing out the setup on the Monte.

CCE Hydraulics World of Wheels Car Show Hopper Demonstration
The guys from CCE Hydraulics did a great job of pumping up the crowd and getting some good action out of their cars despite the confines of the space they were given at the World of Wheels Show. They handed out posters to all the kids and kept it safe. Nice

monte carlo luxury sport
monte carlo luxury sport walk around juice chrome motor set up

Karen Deckers :Lowrider Life I
I Dint bring my Lowrider Bike, cause it's not a ready project, Well this year the 18 August 2012 , i will not have the choice, to bring my un-finished project at the 6-th Annual LuxuriouS BBQ , say good luck i will apreciate it alot :) Well in the video im showing LuxuriouS Montreal cars and bikes, Enjoy 11 minutes of pure iPhone 4S High Definition camera filming beautifull paint jobs !! K@R3N_D3ck3rs