1901 Oldsmobile Curved Dash Replica 2 FOR SALE!

1901 Oldsmobile Curved Dash Replica 2

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Building my horseless carriage (slide show)
I built my horseless carriage from scratch, alone in my garage.

1901 Curved Dash Oldsmobile Replica Merry Olds
This car was originally factory built by American Air Products Corp., of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida sometime between 1958 and 1962. The model was known as a “Merry Olds”and the serial number of this car is 390333. These replica cars were featured in the Sept. 1958 issue of Popular Mechanics Magazine, a copy in the photos. Named after a popular song of 1905 – ‘In my merry Oldsmobile’ – the Merry Olds was a revival of Oldsmobile’s famous curved dash runabout of 1901. Intended as a recreational vehicle, the Merry Olds was introduced in 1958 by The Air Products Corporation of Ford Lauderdale, Florida and advertised as ‘The car with the backward look’. It was a close copy of Oldsmobile’s original runabout right down to its tiller steering, bicycle type wheels, chain drive and brass lamps. The Merry’s engine was a single-cylinder 500cc 4hp Clinton; a top speed of 35mph and 60 miles per gallon was claimed. Factory built and not a kit car, the Merry Olds could be licensed as a motor vehicle in all States. Production continued into the 1960s. Originally it sold for $1495.00 in 1958. Of course this one deserves a freshening of its cosmetics. It runs well, steers, charges, starts and stops as it should. I used it with my kids however now I am teaching the kids on real cars, so its time for someone else to enjoy this and give it a fresh coat of paint. See it for sale at the link: http://www.tomlaferriere.com/listings/1902-curved-dash-oldsmobile-replica-m erry-olds

1902 Curved Dash Oldsmobile at the Owls Head Transportation Museum
2015 | Owls Head Transportation Museum | http://www.owlshead.org https://www.facebook.com/OwlsHeadTransportationMuseum Special Thanks to the Lang Education Center & The Richard C. Paine Jr. Automobile Collection Charitable Trust Check out our in-house videographer Thomas "Tommy Gun" Goodwin's personal work at: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDziseMu5DftbuGOb0akJeg http://www.facebook.com/tommygunspopshop Music used under Creative Commons licenses. "Prelude No 17" by Chris Zabriskie - http://www.chriszabriskie.com "Follow The Road" Instrumental by Josh Woodward - http://www.joshwoodward.com "Joke" by Jahzzar - http://www.betterwithmusic.com

1903 Curved dash Oldsmobile Completed and Running
Well here it is finished and running as sweet as a nut. This was just before a test drive which I was going to film but there is a lot to do when driving it (steering, gears, mixture and spark setting) so I didn't manage that. But as the client wanted it to run (which no-one had managed for about 4 years) I was pleased with the result. It drove well too! For more old vehicle stuff go to www.rustytrucks.com