cts-v coupe test drive

test driving the cts-v coupe

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My CTS-V Coupe. Taking a friend for a ride. Follow my Blogs & Sites http://tipstrickscentral.blogspot.com/ http://ctsvcoupe.com/ http://whipstips.com/ http://whipstip.blogspot.com/ http://poetdoc.blogspot.com/ http://videoshark.weebly.com/

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Test Drive a CTS-V: the awesome way
FC3Sfag took a spin behind the wheel of a Cadillac CTS-V. before getting in the car he asked "can i do a 0-60?" and the man said "do not speed". he had nothing to loose. kudos to the dude for staying cool. The test drive itself was pretty dumb. I would go 60 feet and have to stop at a light, and then only make right hand turns. There was only one real good place where i could have done a 0-60 pull and the guy said no, and i'm not allowed to speed. Also the car had 57 miles on the odometer, i could have done a better burnout, but i don't really want to buy a new set of rear tires for that thing. OR get the cops involved They were everywhere. I really dont understand why they wouldn't let me get on that thing, its a 600 horse power performance car, and they forced me to drive it like a 70 year old lady would."