2002 6-speed Maxima VS 2009 Maxima

2002 maxima with full Bolt-ons VS 2009 Modded Maxima 02 Maxima is the camera car

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Mustang GT vs Maxima 3.5
Mustang has cold air intake. more upgrades coming soon for both cars, more vids posted soon edit: i hate all of you stop trying to tell me that max are faster than this Mustang because there not! these 2 people are my best friends and i helped with some installs of parts so stfu and enjoy the video. theres no way you can try to prove me wrong about what cars are faster because ive driven them both and his new 350z that is still not as fast as the Mustang but close.

04 MAXIMA (6 speed) VS. HONDA CRX (5 SPEED)...Logan, UT
MAXIMA 3.5 (Poncho) vs. CRX (Mosca).......2ND. RACE.........

09 Maxima vs 94 Mustang GT
Maxima is stock Mustang GT has bolt-ons

Altima coupe VS Maxima 2010
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