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2003 Cobra with Mac Headers, VRS Catted X and Borla Stingers

made a quick teaser video of the new set up I have on the car. Mac Long Tube Headers VRS Catted X Borla Stingers Maybe its because I haven't driven the car for a while, but personally I think it sounds unbelievably good. By far my favorite Exhaust combo I have had on the car after only a few miles of driving it!! I had a smile ear to ear the whole time!!


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03 ported & pullied cobra at the track
This is my very first time down a 1/4 mile track in a car. First run wasn't on video, which isn't such a bad thing. Just wanted to make an easy pass before I tried to see what the car could do. I didn't launch hard on any of the passes, and on the 2nd and 3rd passes I drove the car hard. 1st run (not on video - just feeling the track out and getting a handle on what I'm doing) 2.26 60' 12.33 @ 118.42 mph 2nd run (drove pretty hard after the launch, didn't powershift, cooled the car down well for this run) 2.09 60' 11.90 @ 122.55 mph 3rd run (lots of time to cool the car down, didn't launch hard but drove hard once I got rolling) 1.96 60' 11.61 @ 126.87 mph I know my launches sucked, I didn't go out to break any records that night but was happy with everything at the end of the night... first time taking it to the track - much more fun than on the street.

03 SVT Cobra with bassani catless x and stingers
soundclip to show how the Exhaust sounds from outside the car with the bassani catless x and borla stingers Exhaust set up. Feel free to comment or ask any questions.

03 Cobra, Mac LT's, O/R X, Borla Stingers
2003 Mustang Cobra Mac Longtubes, Lethal O/R X pipe, Borla Stinger Catback

03 Cobra: Longtubes, O/R X, Borla Stingers
Quick clip behind my buddies Cobra. Has Mac longtubes, Lethal Performance off road X, and the Borla Stinger Catback

03 cobra stingers & catted bassani x sounds
Tried to make the video similar to the other one I made last winter to give the best feeling for the difference in sound. Best way to describe it is that going from catless to catted has made the Exhaust note much more quiet and less aggressive sounding (although still loud - I can now talk on my phone if the windows are up... sorta lol). I live in a hilly area, so the drone of the catless was not a welcome addition to the neighborhood and made me very self conscious when I drove the car. I do miss the fun factor that driving a stupid loud car brings though. I'll probably move on to buying a set of catted longtube headers within the year.

Mustang Cobra BBK LT/Offroad X/Borla Stingers

2003 cobra open headers
silver snakes 2003 cobra open headers and Exhaust sound

Ford Unveils 2015 King Cobra GT Mustang at SEMA
Ford unveils the 2015 GT King Cobra Mustang at the SEMA car show in Las Vegas. This video shows the complete presentation from start to finish. The last model of the King Cobra was 1978. This car boasts 625hp in a supercharged V-8 with a cat back Exhaust. Stock car racing legend, Richard Petty was on hand for the unveiling at the Las Vegas convention center. Be sure to stay tuned for other videos from the Ford exhibit and the SEMA show.

One mean '03 Cobra

03 Kenne Bell Cobra (rev, fly-bys, wot pass) Bassani offroad X Pipe + Borla Stingers
03 Kenne Bell Cobra - KB 2.2 Bassani offroad X Pipe + Borla Stingers with Magnaflow piping clips www.svtperformance.com

2003 Cobra Kooks Longtubes, Kooks O/R X pipe,Borla Stingers
For sale :] Message me with questions you may have. Thanks.

03 Cobra, MAC Longtubes, Off-road H, M55 Catback
Loudest Exhaust combo available for an 03/04 Cobra

more clips of slp loud mouth, mac long tube headers, h-pipe

t67 supra vs hellion cobra
t67 supra 500whp 450tq street tires vs hellion turbo 03 cobra 520rwhp 540rwtq. run 1. cobra jumps run 2. Supra spins regains for a slight pull (cleanest run) run 3. supra spun hard in the beginning(2nd gear) and actually passed the cobra in top end.

04 Cobra SLP Open Headers
While switching out our buddie's Exhaust, we decided to run it with open headers for a few just to see what it sounds like.

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