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board track racer (gas bike) springer front end glass door know gas cap

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Installing an 80cc Motorized Bike Kit
Motorizing your pedal bike is a great way to get around! These kits are cheap to buy and operate, and are one of the funnest way's to get from a to b. You can pick up one of these kits from a number of online retailers, and the are available all around the world for less than $200. This video shows in depth how to install the kit.

Motorized Chopper Bike
Heres some pictures and a short video of a homemade motorized chopper bicycle i built. (please comment) ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS I have been seeing. It began as a schwinn bicycle, the motor is a 66cc 2 cycle (2 stroke). It has a clutch with one speed and its push start. I have the gearing to make it go about 20 mph. I had to cut and weld my own motor mounts, gastank mounts and rear sproket. Footpeg bracket is custom made but the actual pegs can be bought online. To find the engine, google: 66cc bicycle engine. For being street legal, each state is different, some its legal and some its not. IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE ONE: It requires some mechanical background. Wireing the coil, kill switch ect is basicly trial and error. motor mounts are going to haveto be made and welded because the ones that come with the motor do not work. The engine Exhaust and intake ports are going to haveto be finished wich requires the engine to be taken apart and the piston removed and put back. For some reason they leve sharp burrs on the ports which will wear out the rings very quick if its not sanded off. I hope all of this info helps and good luck.

ROBOBIKE, A gas bike build. Slant 66cc engine & no manual meets JAMIS Bicycle
The title spells it out, but I still think that U-Tube should create a new section for uploading entitled HOBBIES/CREATIVE. - Just Sayin' .......... ???

Gas engine bicycle
Doing a rolling road test, I haven't used these for about 9 years, the band broke long ago so I just tied 2 small nylon cords to the rollers and hoped for the best. As you can see I am a bit rusty on the balancing. The bike is a Huffy Ocala we got a while back (10 years maybe), I just got the 4 stroke motor a week ago and I am still tinkering with it, buy so far I am happy with the way it turned out.