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Upper Engine Cleaner on 1JZ JZX100

Subaru Upper Engine Cleaner going to work on a 1JZ-GTE VVTi JZX100 Chaser Tourer V. More JZX Boosty goodness at www.jzx100.com


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Directors Commentary - Buying Parts From Japan (Toyota Chaser)
Recently the boys from MCM flew into Japan to pick up, and cut up a Toyota Chaser 1JZ. In this special release with directors commentary the boys go into details about how the episode was shot and the trials they went through along the way. See the original episode here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbF4NeLZU4k

Toyota chaser jzx100 series 2
A full run down of all the bad points.

JZX100 Nurburgring Lap
Went up and ran a few laps at the ring today, this one was the cleanest. About a 9:49 bridge to gantry time despite still having the Factory 180Km/h speed cut. http://e36driftbag.blogspot.com/

Hot Version 027 (Part 3/3) - Modified JZX100 Chaser battle
One of the coolest RWD sedans Japan ever created, the JZX100 Chaser tested, modified versions by TRD, Mine's, Imec, Esprit, and HKS JZX90 also featured.

Toyota Chaser JZX 90. JZ-Brothers - зимние покатушки. Видное. 09.01.2010
Go-Pro camera

S4E11 Свапим 1JZ [BMIRussian]
Продолжение истории с покупкой передка от Toyota Chaser c 1JZ-GTE в Японии. Начинаем установку в новую машину.

toyota chaser jzx100 2jzgte t51r dyno run
big power jzx100, fully forged motor with 2jzgte and t51r remap

1320Video made a visit down to SoCal to see what kind of badass street cars roamed the streets at night. A few badass Supras, swapped & turbo'd nissans, GT-R's, Corvettes, twin turbo 350Z, a bike all came out to play on short notice making for quite a night of street racing!

JDM JZX100 GoPro messing around
Nothing special, just out and about messing around with the GoPro and checkin' out the Chasers new shoes.

toyota chaser jzx100 2jzgte (Путь Самурая)

S15 vs JZX100 #2

Тюнинг Тайм: Toyota Chaser Tourer V 2.5 (турбо) 380 л.с.
Другие видео канала TheWikiHow http://www.youtube.com/user/TheWikihow

チェイサー jzx100 chaser

JZX100 2X and C35

Supra Chaser
Dru's Supra (JZA80) following my Chaser (JZX100) filmed on our two GoPro HD's and edited (quickly/poorly) using After Effects CS5 ;) For more Toyota JZX related info, visit: www.jzx100.com

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