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Upper Engine Cleaner on 1JZ JZX100

Subaru Upper Engine Cleaner going to work on a 1JZ-GTE VVTi JZX100 Chaser Tourer V. More JZX Boosty goodness at www.jzx100.com


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Разбор распила С японии TOYOTA chaser 80

Toyota chaser jzx100 series 2
A full run down of all the bad points.

JZX100 Nurburgring Lap
Went up and ran a few laps at the ring today, this one was the cleanest. About a 9:49 bridge to gantry time despite still having the Factory 180Km/h speed cut. http://e36driftbag.blogspot.com/

Toyota Mark II jzx90 and Toyota Chaser jzx90 drift
По просьбам новая серия о Владимирском клубе Tourer V. Теперь их двое. Встречайте Александра - нового героя наших роликов. Просим не критиковать нас слишком сильно, т.к. машины не корчи, а авто для повседневного пользования, поэтому машины сильно не насилуем, ездим боком для себя и видео снимаем для себя! В скором времени будет продолжение. Новые внешние вид марк 2. Музыка: Dream Mclean - Network (Chase & Status Remix) Henry Jackman - Big Daddy Kills The Prodigy - Omen Ассаи - В точку


JZX100 drifting at Tsukuba 筑波サーキット本コースJZX100ドリフト
11th December 2011 at Tsukuba Circuit 2000 course. More at http://noriyaro.com/

チェイサー jzx100 chaser

JZX100型チェイサー ツアラーV 純正5速 CARINC
お車の詳細はコチラ→ http://carinc.jp/sakura/detail.php?r_shop= 11727&r_car=2032803&page_n=1

JDM JZX100 GoPro messing around
Nothing special, just out and about messing around with the GoPro and checkin' out the Chasers new shoes.

Крутящий момент - Tourer V (Mark II vs Chaser)
Если вам понравилось данное видео вы можете поставить под ним лайк, если же видео вам понравилось на столько что вы не хотели бы пропустить выход новых обзор, тогда нажмите кнопку «подписаться» Пишите свои комментарии. Каждому подписавщимуся +1000 к карме. Наша группа в вк: http://vk.com/belovogt Страница на Google+ : http://plus.google.com/117836815530476091285/posts In September 1996, the X100 Chaser replaced the X90 Chaser. By this time, the Chaser had become a more sporty sedan; for many, it was the definitive Chaser and the best-looking model. The product lineup consisted mostly of Avantes and Tourers, with the Avante as the luxury model (with more interior accessories) and the Tourer as the sporty model (with large 16-inch wheels). Toyota's VVTi, the company's version of variable-valve timing, was added to the 1JZ engines; they were also upgraded to give out more torque, since they had already reached the legal limit set by Japanese authorities regarding horsepower. The 1JZ-GTE was powered by a single turbo configuration instead of the twin turbo of its predecessors. New to the lineup was the Avante Four and the Avante Four G Package (basically the Avante 2.5 L with a full-time 4WD system). These cars were only available in 4-speed electronic control type (ECT) automatic transmission. The Tourer V and automatic-only Avante G 3.0 L models had the option of electronic control flex lockup attaching 4-speed automatic (intelligent) (ECT-iE) transmission, besides the ECT-E automatic in the lower-end models.

Toyota Mark II №014 vs Toyota Chaser №100 - Гонка Чемпионов 2014 (VIDEO HD)
Toyota Mark II №014 (Земцов Иван, Пятигорск) против Toyota Chaser №100 (Магомедов Арсен, Новороссийск) - Международная Гонка Чемпионов 2014 на турбодроме Белая Стрела в Краснодаре (21 июня 2014 год). Подробности: http://www.automotobike.ru/articles/auto/rezultatyi-samyih-bolshig-drayg-re ysing-gonok-v-krasnodare-3394.html

Mark 2 jzx90 tourer V

JZX100 HKS GT2835PRO on Dynapack
HKS GT2835 PRO SARD 530cc I/J APEXI Power FC Boost 1.3~1.5K

JZX100 2X and C35

Supra Chaser
Dru's Supra (JZA80) following my Chaser (JZX100) filmed on our two GoPro HD's and edited (quickly/poorly) using After Effects CS5 ;) For more Toyota JZX related info, visit: www.jzx100.com

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