How to test shocks and struts

How to test if your shocks and/or struts are blow.

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Strut and Shock Testing
This video shows how to inspect a strut to see if it needs replacing or not. This same test applies to the inspecting of shock absorbers as well. Visit us at:

How to tell if your shocks are blown
Decided to make this quick video while changing out my rear shocks. There's a few signs you can tell to see if your shocks are blown, such as a hissing while going over bumps, a rumbling, a sensation that the car is "floating" as you drive, or worst of all - bounciness in your ride due to the shock no longer being effective. Shocks are hydraulic and any fluid leaking out is also a sign of a blown shock, shocks should be dry and oil-free. Swapping them out is a quick and easy job, relatively cheap as well. If you have any questions feel free to email me at

old strut vs. new strut
I changed the struts on my 2000 Maxima because one of them had completely failed. This was the good one which still had oil in it; the bad one made horrible scratching noises and clanked around.

Bad Shocks
Bad Shocks from the ranger