1988 Sears Point - Audi 200 TRANS AM Quattro Walter Roehrl

grandmaster walter röhrl shows how to handle the animal audi 200 trans am in wet conditions, while the others sitting in the warm and safe pits drinking coffee or a lemonade ;-) all the audience and even the marshals giving standing ovations for his driving skills - or his balls. ;-)

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Secrets Of Speed: Unfair Advantage
One of my favorite racing documentaries of all time! A look into the history and racing success of Audi's Quattro All-Wheel-Drive. I cleaned up the video and audio as much as possible.

1988 Trans-Am Mid-Ohio
Race from 9/4/1988. Sorry about the abrupt end and no interviews. Had another recording on the tape start right as this race ended.

WALTER RÖHRL Audi 200 quattro Trans-Am Story
Röhrl had a lifetime contract with Audi. But in 1991 this contract was terminated by Röhrl. Röhrl switched to the rival Porsche. Audi built 4-cylinder touring cars

1989 Wesbank Modified Saloons - Kyalami 3
Wesbank Modified Saloons from Kyalami in 1989. This race includes a fast starting Hennie van der Linde (Nissan 300zx turbo) showing the power of the Nissan turbo, Sarel van der Merwe(Trans Am Audi Quattro) and Tony Viana(BMW M35) has a massive battle, Ben Morgenrood(Mazda RX7 Rotary) sneaks up to the front in the later stages, Willie Hepburn(Opel Rekord V8) has some issues and Graham Duxbury (Ford Sapphire Cosworth turbo) debuts the new Ford Sapphire in class A. Johan Coetzee(Nissan Skyline), Dick Sorensen(Nissan Skyline GTX),Gary Dunkerley(Porsche 911) Nico Bianco(Alfa GTV) and Paddy Driver(Mazda RX7) completes the class B field of the fastest saloon car racing series in South Africa.