DIY BMW E46 how to change water pump and thermostat

Need a water Pump? Need a thermostat? This video i'm killing 2 stones with one shot you'll learn how to remove the fan and shroud. Then gain access to the water pump and thermostat housing. This is where you'll learn how to remove those and change your water pump and thermostat. I didn't actually change out the thermostat i just swapped it for a metal housing instead of cheap plastic. Please watch my other videos for BMW repairs and other projects that I have going on

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DIY How to Replace Thermostat BMW E46
Get a BMW Thermostat here creative=390957&creativeASIN=B001G5W128&linkCode=as2&tag=bullshitkor01-20&l inkId=TZIXGVHB6Q5F3D4O How to Replace the Thermostat in your BMW E46 diy Nothing like being in the middle of winter and -40 temps are around the corner and the thermostat in the BMW decides to Shit the Bed. This video is a step by step how to replace the thermostat in Your BMW with some beers of course.

DIY How to Troubleshoot and Repair a Coolant Leak
Get a repair manual and learn how to fix your own car 90957&field-keywords=Automotive%20repair%20manual&linkCode=ur2&tag=bullshit kor01-20&url=search-alias%3Daps&linkId=VCRDXARRNUU3C4OH you better get your beer and pizza for this video, I decided to do a full length no bullshit video on troubleshooting a coolant leak and making the repair. I decided to use my bmw 325xi as the model since it was leaking coolant. in this video your going to learn this master skills find coolant leak in bmw car learn to drain the bmw rad learn to remove stupid fan and housing with a few beers and some swearing learn to remove bmw rad hoses learn to remove bmw thermostat housing learn to use gasket maker and not to play with it like snot you will learn how to reinstall everything back together and fill rad. I hope you enjoy this full feature video

DIY BMW E46 how to Drain coolant from Radiator
Order BMW Coolant and get Free Shipping !!!!!! creative=390957&creativeASIN=B004QXRA00&linkCode=as2&tag=bullshitkor01-20&l inkId=DYYZLP5UW664FDEE This simple video will show you how to drain the coolant from your radiator, this will remove most of the coolant for when you change thermostat or even the water pump. If doing any of those other projects please watch my other videos to see how it is done. the process is simple remove the skid plate get a drip pan and look for blue screw on drivers side on bottom of rad loosen and remove blue screw but don't burn yourself in the process remove rad cap or loosen bleed screw to allow air into system to drain rad. any other questions post in the comments section

Bmw E46 oil level sender and Winter tune up
Get a new Oil Level Sender here creative=390957&creativeASIN=B003NE119O&linkCode=as2&tag=bullshitkor01-20&l inkId=T7TV6NOTM7YEFFER if your suffering from a yellow oil light shortly after starting your bmw e46 the briefly stays on for about 10 seconds or so there is a good chance that your oil level sender is gone bad. in order to change the sensor you need to drain oil so a good time is obviously when you do a oil change. other things i did was change the air filter, replaced the chipped water pump pulley and tried to find out why I get a secondary low air code.