Shelby GT500 vs Supercharged Pontiac GTO - Forza 4

2010 Mustang GT500 -Race tires (540HP-510TQ) 2006 Pontiac GTO -Supercharged -Intake -Exhaust -Race Tires (484HP-484TQ) I'm a nerd I know :)

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Let's Play Forza 4 Ep. 30 06 GTO New Goat in Town
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Supercharged Pontiac GTO Burnout
My procharged GTO before and and after the the ngine swap to a LSX 376 6.2L

2006 6.0 GTO vs 2011 5.0 mustang GT
Bunch of runs between two friends. Stock 5.0 Mustang GT vs intake only 6.0 GTO. Song is Crystal Method : Name of the game

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