Home Built Sim Racing Cockpit 2011

This sim racing cockpit is based on the design need to fit drivers from less than 4' tall to drivers over 6' tall. I call it a Simulator Sled because it can be used as a flight simulator cockpit or a driving cockpit. Update: Please refer to Anatomy of a Driving Simulator for details about the design and for the location of the free blueprints. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXtNqEFeLmk The concept designs were constructed with Autodesk 3ds Max and Autodesk Inventor was used to produce the detailed blueprints for the actual build. Using a home workshop, a mini-mill and mini-lathe, I manufactured all of the parts needed from structural steel and 6061 aluminum. I painted the base unit with an oil based paint and top coated it with an automotive clear coat. All metal parts received a typical automotive paint job. The entire inner area of the box is lined with trunkliner carpet. The sled uses a Dayton Audio SA70 70 watt amplifier driving four Dayton TT25-16 Puck Tactile Mini Bass Shaker transducers. Total build time was approximately 12 weeks working primarily on the weekends with a total labor cost of around 100 hours. Total material cost, including the seat and electronics, was approximately $800. The rig is powered by an Intel i7 940 quad core processor alongside a pair of NVidia GTX 460 video cards in an SLI configuration. It can handily drive 6010x1080 resolutions well above 60 fps. Images of the build can be found here: http://lagnese.me/Hub/Photo_Albums/Pages/Simulator_Sled_2011-2012.html The specifications of the simulator sled: Height 46" Length: 65" Width: 65" (assuming 35 degree monitor rake) Weight: 190 lbs. (without monitors) Seat travel: 10" fore and aft, 20 degree tilt in 5 degree increments Pedal travel: 12" fore and aft, 10-30 degree tilt in 5 degree increments Steering travel: 16" fore and aft, up to 12" up and down, up to 270 degrees of wheel rotation Monitor travel: 8" up and down from center point, accommodates up to three 30" monitors, individual monitor pitch 180 degree, yaw 60 degrees.

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BlueTiger Full-Motion Racing Simulator 12-12.mp4
BlueTiger is a full-motion racing or flight simulator for home or commercial use. It uses off-the-shelf PC video games. Complete ready-to-play BlueTiger systems start as low as 14k. A maxed-out system with everything is less than 22k. It has patent-pending center-of-mass / center-of-movement geometry that provides low-latency, high performance 2g change of direction movement. (2 DOF, 40 degree pitch and roll, with 20" of heave, 16" of surge and 16" of sway associated with the pitch and roll movements). Available direct from BlueTiger.com turn-key or in components. Bluetiger has an extremely competitive price for a real 40 degree motion platform. Contact Mike@bluetiger.com for more information.

Tour of the RS1-DIY Racing Simulator Cockpit
Take a tour of the RS1-DIY Simulator Cockpit and learn about its features. We take a look at the assembly plans, templates and instructions. To order a set of plans and build your own RS1-DIY visit: www.ricmotech.com/diy

Vesaro Racing Simulation Video
Vesaro build advanced modular simulation systems. Our system is based around an ultra strong hand crafted centre core that can be adapted from the core system up to a full triple screen motion physics simulator. This modular flexibility allows you to start of with the core and expand the complexity of your rig as you need. The rig is made from high quality ultra durable construction enabling us to confidently offer a 10 year warranty on all Vesaro constructed components. As a company we believe that your rig should last and our manufacturing process is designed for just that, if any faults arise as a result of that process we will fix the rig or replace the part for you. The rigs allow you to build a specific system for your needs with the option to choose the type of finish, different steering setups, ButtKicker seat shaker, D-Box motion physics system, surround sound, LCD screen attachments, surround sound audio attachments and more. Visit WWW.VESARO.COM for more information

My PlayStation 3 Racing Simulator - Slideshow
Racing cockpit I built for Gran Turismo 5.