Honda Accord transmission problems

UPDATE! this has been fixed for years. the issue was a clogged filter in the transmission. Vehicle has been fixed! My 87 accord lxi is having transmission problems. it has 223,000 on frame & the tranny only has around 25,000. when i first start it up & go, its fine. after it gets warmed up, its s***!!! It will stop shifting, itl make a loud scratching sound, itl sit and rev and won't be grabbing at all like if u were to put ur car in neutral and rev it. thats what it feels like its doing but its in gear.

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This is what I am experiencing with my 1992 Honda Accord. Automatic Transmission.

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Honda Transmission Solenoids B and C: Removal and Testing
How to remove the B and C solenoids on a MAXA/BAXA transmission. These transmissions are used on the 4 cylinder 6th gen Accords (98-02) and the CR-V of a similar time period. I do also believe this transmission may be in some 4 cylinder Acura models, but I am not sure. The car shown here in the video is a 2002 Honda Accord Special Edition with 207,000 miles. And the original transmission.

2000 Honda Accord Tranny Problem?
Ok I think my transmission is slipping in and out of torque lock up between 40-55 mph. It's highly annoying and not good because its creating excess heat. Is it an od shift cable? Someone please help. I thought the problem went away but nope. It's been doing this in every gear but its not as bad