Taunus 2.9 V6 turbo BPU

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Ford Taunus 2.9 V6 Turbo BPU
Sierra 2.9 engine with turbo

Ford Taunus 2.9 V6 LPG power smokin'
Ford Taunus 2.9 V6

Pjotr & Taunus [ ENG subtitles ] Ford Taunus TC2 2.9 V6 LPG
Ford Taunus TC2 2.9 LPG Piotrka Rzeszów, Poland 2015

Ford Taunus 4.0 turbo (Cortina)
4.0 engine from a explorer with a Comp Cam and the rest stock. KKK31 turbo and Megasquirt fuel injection. Runs on 16psi (1.1bar of Boost)