1987 Firebird Formula Dyno - Jesse

5/9/2009 FBNCC MA chapter meet at NE Dyno/Tuning. Great time had by all.

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1989 Pontiac Firebird Formula Dyno
This was my 89 Formula 350 on the Dyno (not a Dyno Jet, not a Mustang..I forget what it was called) Cam, heads, headers, the works. Still had the damn TPI on which kills high rpm HP. Still the car was a bit quicker then a LT1 6 speed car and about as fast as a stock LS1 automatic.

89 firebird dyno pull
476 bbc, BME heads, 288 - 292 @ 0.050 cam, super victor intake, pro systems 1050, junk A nozzle fogger w/275 hit, T400, 9 inch w/4.10 gears. first run was 924 rwhp.

Double vision Firebird Formula, Trans Am GTA
This is sorta like Knight Rider with KITT and KARR LOL 2 1987 Pontiac Firebird's

1987 pontiac firebird formula 350 open exhaust cutout
1987 pontiac firebird formula 350. forged bottom end 9.5:1 compression 520 lift comp cam edelbrock etec heads and holley carb open Exhaust cutout