1987 Firebird Formula Dyno - Jesse

5/9/2009 FBNCC MA chapter meet at NE Dyno/Tuning. Great time had by all.

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1989 Pontiac Firebird Formula Dyno
This was my 89 Formula 350 on the Dyno (not a Dyno Jet, not a Mustang..I forget what it was called) Cam, heads, headers, the works. Still had the damn TPI on which kills high rpm HP. Still the car was a bit quicker then a LT1 6 speed car and about as fast as a stock LS1 automatic.

88 Firebird w/ LS2 dyno. 409rwhp
88 Firebird w/ LS2 Dyno. 409rwhp and 402 lb torque. Mild cam, ported heads and full Exhaust.

1987 pontiac firebird formula 350 open exhaust cutout
1987 pontiac firebird formula 350. forged bottom end 9.5:1 compression 520 lift comp cam edelbrock etec heads and holley carb open Exhaust cutout

1989 Formula Firebird WS6 Dyno Run
Third Gen 5-speed 305 TPI Firebird on the Dyno, pull to 110 mph.