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Documentales Criminales ►Parejas Asesinas - Caso Criminal
Suscríbete Gratis a este canal para ver Nuevos Documentales de Nat Geo Completos en Español. Cuando termines de ver este documental te recomendamos que veas el siguiente: Documental ►Comidas que Matan a tu Perro

Inside the Tanks: The T-54/T-55 - World of Tanks
We’re here to take a close look at a very significant machine and to understand just what made it into the most-produced and one of the longest-serving tanks ever; the T-54/T-55. With its origins in World War II - and from the same design team as the legendary T-34 - the T-54/55 still soldiers on today. A fact which has inspired us to bring this iconic vehicle into the spotlight. Visit our forums and talk about your favourite tanks with our Military Specialist: To keep up to date with our latest development, contests and events visit our portal or follow us on Facebook: Facebook: Twitter:

Camiones todo terreno Peligroso rio
los camioneros en Rusia arriesgan todo por cruzar los ríos y llevar su carga y pasajeros a donde sea

Bloco Blindado-Armored Concrete Blocks -Brazil
"Portugués-English-Español" Blocos feitos no Brasil para construir verdadeiras fortalezas blindadas, para minimizar os efeitos de desastres naturais e aumentar a segurança de pessoas e propriedades- Armored Concrete Block made in Brazil, to build armored fortresses, strong homes, to reduce the effects of natural disasters and improves safety both for people and property / Bloques para construir Fortalezas blindadas que minimizam los efectos de desastres naturales y aumentan drásticamente la seguridad de personas y propiedades.//Fuzil (Rifle) 7,62x51mm/.308 Winchester. Golpes com marreta de 30 kg / 66-pounds sledge hammer.