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2010 Nissan March XTronic CVT Top Speed


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Nissan Micra 1,2l CVT explicit video 4.avi
For comments, more details, pictures and videos: http://www.turatii.ro

Funcionamiento de la transmisión CVT Xtronic de Nissan usada en conjunto con motores de 2.5 y 3.0 Litros. Visita http://www.e-auto.com.mx encontrarás más información sobre el funcionamiento de los autos.

Old Top Gear - Triumph TR7

Test Drive Nissan Teana 200 XL Xtronic CVT
Test Drive: 2012 Nissan Teana 200XL Sports Series Navi • more detail: http://goo.gl/peKyq • footage: Nissan Thailand • edit: natus sangsuriya • music: chai MT

Nissan Juke - Xtronic CVT Transmission Activity on Highway
I wasn't the one driving, It's completely safe. Sport mode enabled. Accelerating and cruising with Nissan Juke at Cipularang Highway, Indonesia. The terrain wasn't flat, it's a bit climbing. Eyes on the speedometer. Main purpose of the video is to show the Xtronic CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) activity during cruise and heavy acceleration. Needed to take over slower cars in front while a bit climbing, resulting in a heavy acceleration. CVT can be a pretty fun thing to have on a highway. Leave comments and questions down below, thanks for watching!

Old Top Gear - Peugeot 607 feature.

New Generation XTRONIC CVT (for 2.0 to 3.5-liter engine vehicles)
The new generation XTRONIC CVT model achieves an improvement in fuel economy of up to 10% compared to previous CVTs for comparable vehicles. The new transmission features a world-leading ratio coverage of 7.0, and friction reduced by up to 40%.

Swift dzire 2013 top speed
Indian specs swift dzire top speed....a lil less than 170kmph

Solar turbine engine powered A/W 95 experimental helicopter
Test flights of a A/W 95 homebuilt helicopter with a solar T62-16B 75 HP engine turbine engine

Micra face turns more Nissan-like
The Nissan Micra has gone under the scalpel. The cute looks are now gone, the face is now more Nissan-like, and also the interiors are tweaked. But it's not just that - there is also a new variant, the CVT.

Nissan Note Advance CVT - Colombia
Vista en detalle del nuevo Nissan Note Advance CVT en Colombia

Nissan Sunny- Xtronic CVT
Here's why Xtronic CVT is better than traditional AT.

How A CVT Works by TEAM Industries.mov
TEAM has received a lot of requests to explain how a CVT works, here is a good video showing the basics of CVT. In the future we will be posting more videos explaining some of our innovations to the basic design. Take a look and let us know what you think.

Nissan GTR documentary [Full]
An amazing documentary on the fascinating Nissan GTR aka GODZILLA, the japanese "Porsche". Free Car Chase Game: http://policechase.idea24.net IMPORT VS MUSCLE CARS: http://importvsmuscle.com/ What is The Biggest Secret of The Internet? http://www.biggest-secrets.com Find the cheapest flights & hotels online: http://yournexttrip.net nissan gtr, nissan gtr 2013, nissan gtr 2014, nissan gtr acceleration, nissan gtr vs bugatti Veyron drag race, nissan gtr top gear, nissan gtr vs lamborghini, nissan gtr alpha 12, nissan gtr vs audi r8, car documentary, car documentary national geographic, car documentary long, car documentary films, car documentary full, discovery channel documentary cars, nissan gtr documentary, nissan gtr documentary full, nissan gtr documentary hd, nissan gtr documentary full hd nissan gtr,nissan gtr 2013,nissan gtr 2014,nissan gtr acceleration,nissan gtr vs bugatti Veyron drag race,nissan gtr top gear,nissan gtr vs lamborghini,nissan gtr alpha 12,nissan gtr vs audi r8,car documentary,car documentary national geographic,car documentary long,car documentary films,car documentary bbc,car documentary full,national geographic documentary cars,discovery channel documentary cars,bbc documentary cars,history channel documentary cars

全新無段變速系統可提升燃油經濟性,比傳統AT變速箱提 15%的省油效率,實現換檔、加速無頓挫感的駕駛新感受

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