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Visit or call toll-free 800-351-7100 - This kids DVD video package makes a great gift for a child or grandchild birthday or holiday. These kids DVD videos are packed with entertainment and educational information about fire trucks, firemen and rescue vehicles. From racing red fire engines and high flying choppers to giant pumper trucks and amazing rigs you'll see firefighting equipment of every shape and size. It's one of the greatest collections of emergency vehicles ever recorded on DVD! A Children's Bookcenter Award Winner! Endorsed by the Coalition for Quality Children's Video and a Telly Award Winner!

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Cool BIG FIRE TRUCKS Kids Song | Music Video | DVD gift for child
Visit for more Fire Fighting Videos. Sing Along to The Great Big Fire Trucks song from our DVD series "Lots and Lots of Fire Trucks" - look for the words to the song below. Kids and parents will love watching all kinds of fire trucks in action in this entertainment music video with songs from award-winning children's musician James Coffey. There are pumper trucks, hook and ladders, rescue vehicles and more. DVD makes a great present or birthday gift and there's a fire truck book available too at Firefighters and fire departments even like to watch this. SING ALONG WITH THE VIDEO - HERE ARE THE WORDS: Great Big Fire Trucks - Words & Music By James Coffey (ASCAP) © 2006 James Brian Coffey Jim and George Publishing (ASCAP) Here They Come Roaring Down The Street With Their Lights A Flashing Through The Blazing Heat The Engines Roar And The Tires Squeal The Need Is Urgent And The Danger's Real Trouble Big Or Trouble Small There's No Worries We Can Handle It All If You Need Some Help Why You're In Luck Because Here Comes A Great Big Fire Truck When The Call Comes In They Are Out The Door Never Really Knowing What Their Headed For Racing Down The Streets And The Alley Ways Fighting A Path Through The Fiery Blaze From The Biggest Fires To The Smallest Flame Through The Wind And Heat And The Pouring Rain If You Need Some Help Why You're In Luck Because Here Comes A Great Big Fire Truck From The Biggest Cities To The Smallest Towns To The Tallest Building Or On The Ground If You Have A Problem They'll Be Right There Yes Anytime Or Anywhere Clear The Way They're Coming Through Brave Fire Fighters And Rescue Crews If You Need Some Help Why You're In Luck Because Here Comes A Great Big Fire Truck Here Comes A Great Big Fire Truck Here Comes A Great Big Fire Truck See more videos like this at our Youtube Channel Download Songs from our DVDs at Thanks for watching - be sure to subscribe, comment and share with friends! E-mail us at (c) Marshall Publishing & Promotions, Inc.

911 FIRE Trucks crash while responding
While on their way, some Fire Fighters experience a bad day. No sarcasm. Please, respect our first responders! Music: Bad day by Daniel Powter Brandkår, Sở cứu hỏa, Пожарната, Brandvæsen, Feuerwehr, Palolaitos, Service d'incendie, Πυροσβεστική Υπηρεσία, Tűzoltóság, Pemadam kebakaran, Vigili del fuoco, 消防署, 소방 서 Jabatan Bomba, Brannvesenet, Пожежна, Straż Pożarna, Corpo de bombeiros, Departamentul de pompieri, Пожарная служба, Departamento de bomberos, สถานีดับเพลิง, 消防部門, Hasiči, İtfaiye, Sở cứu hỏa, إدارة المطافئ

Fire Trucks Responding
Just a bunch of random rigs from the past few years!/NozzleNutPhotography

Fire truck responding to call - construction game cartoon for children
In this educational cartoon for children a toy fire truck is assembled from a virtual construction game set. Learn the main parts of the fire engine. You'll understand why the firemen need such tools as fire extinguishers, crow bar, shovel, and buckets, and you'lll see how to use fire hoses and a fire hydrant to fight with fire. Hear the real fire truck siren and watch our fire truck responding to call and rescuing a baby! You may watch this cartoon in Spanish You may watch this cartoon in Russian You may watch all Construction game cartoons in one playlist 1uhDHnZBDza-fOoO Subscribe to our channel so you won't miss our next episode