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MCN News: Roger Allmond custom Triumph Rocket III

Short, low and sexy aren't words anyone would associate with Triumph's Rocket III but one off bike builder has managed it with this stunning Rocket powered machine. Commisioned by Bennets Insurance, the unnamed bike has six months of toil behind it with only the engine, fuel injection, wiring and shaft drive left from the original Rocket. Watch the video below to see the bike close-up and read the full article in MCN, Wednesday, 16 April, 2008. Satisfy all your biking needs at http://www.motorcyclenews.com


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TTS Supercharged Rocket 3
TTS performance are famous for taking powerful motorbikes and making them even more mental. So guess what happened when they put a Supercharger on the side of the 2300cc Triumph Rocket III

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Triumph Rocket III Roadster - the world's craziest motorbike
A film that tells you everything you've always wanted to know about Triumph's Rocket III Roadster, but were too afraid to ask. Film by Dumpling Productions

Stunt show by Kevin Carmichael at the Isle of Man
Stunt show by Kevin Carmichael at the Isle of Man. Bikes used are the 2009 Triumph Street Triple R, Speed Triple 1050 and Kevin's stunt Street Triple. 20 minutes of hardcore motorcycle stunt action! http://www.facebook.com/Raptorama

Triumph Chopper Running Part 2
See my Triumph running the first time in 2007!

TRIUMPH ROCKET III - Viral Advertising Campaign
I recently stumbled across this fantastic advert for the Triumph Rocket III. Apparently its a real viral advertisement commissioned by Triumph back in 2007. I cant believe I had never seen it. Most amusing, in the style of the old Hitchikers Guide and just, well, Bloody Good: "Ever since the dawn of time Triumph have been producing large powerful motorbikes in their Hinckley factory near Leicester. With over 900 years of motorbike building prowess behind them Triumph have created two wheeled motorbike classics. Including their latest invention the Rocket III. But how is this, the world's largest motorbike made? Much like its performance, construction of the Rocket III turns traditional motorbike assembly on its head. Thus the first part of the bike to be added is its center of gravity. The tiny items are made by hand in a hermetically sealed chamber where they are then pressurized; the engine itself is created next door. When creating the most powerful motorbike known to man the key is to use a motorbike engine not previously known to man. Engines this large cannot simply be built and instead are grown from embryo engines germinated in a nutrient rich sludge medium, injected with steroids and then kept in this bank of cupboards near the photocopiers to grow. When they have reached adolescence the frame is attached and over 200 kilos of power are added. Its a delicate process too little and the bike will feel sluggish too much and it could explode. The wheels can now be bolted on and its sent into a special room where all the complicated bits are put on by men who read magazines about maths argument juice is added from the argument lobe of the female brain allowing the finished bike to change direction in an instant, improving handling, the same technology is used in modern fighter planes fun doesnt get into the bike by accident in this sound proofed area assembly workers play compilation tapes and jokes to the bike while it watches classic episodes of TV comedy shows from the late 70s up to the present day. Fun is absorbed by osmosis and levels are monitored when full the bike is painted and baked. The whole bike is chamoised with Yaks butter and only when the bikes resident gurning fool can see himself reflected as a thing of beauty is the bike released for testing. (Testing is accompanied by banjo music for safety purposes) the tests themselves look to asses maneuverability and performance in real world situations Here we see; an emergency stop for someone whos dropped their badger in the road, practicing control in the advent of hitting a lard spill, and a safety procedure for getting home if your front wheel falls off. Occasionally test riders try to slip in a few hooligan antics but these are generally frowned upon. All these techniques must be carried out without spilling the riders tea to ensure the rocket 3s legendary ease of handling and comfort remains intact. Testing passed; the bikes are finished and are finally equipped with their riders who come off independent production lines throughout the world. All keen to enjoy the thrills the rocket 3 has to offer. ... and the satisfied triumph workers head home after another hard day building the rocket three." :)

Custom Motorcycles/Bikes, Bike Week, Daytona, Florida
Custom Motorcycles/Bikes, Bike Week, Daytona, Florida, Evel Knievel, Robbie Knievel, Roman Novak - Knievel Cycles, Bobby Hill - Rats Hole, The Biker Build Off, Ted Smith, Alan Lee - Gangsta Choppers, Gert Scheidel - Studio 1 Productions, Paul Allen - Publisher; Full Throttle Magazine, Jim Shriner - Quantum Leap TV, Ice Cream From Hell, Tom Cellie - TCP Productions, Shawn, Mike, Bruce and Kevin of Stamford Boss Hoss, Monte Warne - Founder of Boss Hoss Cycles, JailHouse Choppers, The Leather Man, Jay Barbieri, Valerie Smith - Born To Ride, Adam Ulmholtz - The BlingMaster, Dennis Jones, Nicole and Christian Travert of Travertson Cycles, Donna Beckmann, John Leyden - Dream Cycles, Bruce Rossmeyer.

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2011 Triumph Rocket III Roadster
2,574 miles. Triumph backrest, luggage rack, windshield. Standard ABS. 2,300 ccs Factory warranty until 4.13.2013.

Supercharged Triumph Rocket III
Supercharged Triumph Rocket III 220bhp 200ft/lbs torque at the rear wheel with standard pipes and cat box. With aftermarket pipes and box approx extra 10bhp. This Dyno test courtesy of TTS Performance Parts and bike belonging to Philip Youles Motorcycles Ltd Blackburn.

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Norton's new, limited-edition Domiracer is arguably the most exciting British motorcycle in years, in being not just beautiful but promising a fabulously sen...

Triumph Rocket III with loud pipes
Triumph Rocket III with loud pipes. Tuned to 20bhp over standard! http://www.facebook.com/Raptorama

2010 Triumph Rocket III Roadster
First ride on the Triumph Rocket III Roadster. By Alan Dowds

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