Cadillac V Series Performance Lab, Angleton, TX Oct 16th

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Cadillac V-Series Performance Lab - 2 laps at Laguna in a CTS-V
Too tight of reins by the instructor, plus only two laps to "play" didn't really give me the chance to work the CTS-V at Laguna Seca. But still, being able to drive this re-known road course with its famous "Corkscrew" corner is an experience not too many get to do, especially in such an amazing car. (Oh ... and yes, I forgot about the decreasing radius on turn #2. -grin- ) DMill

Cadillac V Series Lab 2010 - CTS-V Coupe around Laguna Seca

Cadillac v series performance lab
Cts coupe side by side racing

Cadillac CTS-V Road Atlanta 133 M.P.H.
Cadillac CTS-V Road Atlanta