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Cadillac V Series Performance Lab, Angleton, TX Oct 16th


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V-Series Performance Lab - Monticello Raceway - August 22, 2010
This was a Cadillac sponsored event to promote the 2010 CTS-V Coupe.

Cadillac V-Series Performance Lab - 2 laps at Laguna in a CTS-V
Too tight of reins by the instructor, plus only two laps to "play" didn't really give me the chance to work the CTS-V at Laguna Seca. But still, being able to drive this re-known road course with its famous "Corkscrew" corner is an experience not too many get to do, especially in such an amazing car. (Oh ... and yes, I forgot about the decreasing radius on turn #2. -grin- ) DMill

Cadillac V-Series Performance Lab, Road Atlanta E.wmv
Driving a 556hp, 6sp manual CTS-V Coupe at Road Atlanta during the Cadillac V-Series Performance Lab. This was my final two out of 4 laps,

Driving a Cadillac CTS-V Coupe at MSR Houston
Cadillac V-Series Performance Lab, October 17, 2010.

Cadillac CTS V series
Cadillac Lab at Palm Beach International Raceway

Cadillac V-series Lab at Circuit of the Americas
Getting to play in a CTS-V coupe at COTA for a couple laps! Traction control and stability control had to stay turned ON unfortunately, and we had an auto, but it was a blast overall! The CTS-V is super smooth and deceptively quick for it's size. Definitely can feel the 4,200 lb+ in the corners though with some significant understeer. They also made us lift at a cone half way down the back straight, which is why peak speed was ~125-127. I'm sure one could go much faster even with the street car around COTA.

Cadillac V-Series Driving Lab @ COTA - Dec 2012
This is a few laps in a Cadillac CTS-V coupe during a Cadillac V-Series Driving Lab held at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) during the weekend of Dec 7-9, 2012. I ran in the morning group on Friday, Dec 7th, so AFAIK my run group was the first batch of "outsiders" to drive @ COTA following the Formula1 debut of the track in November. The V-Series Driving Lab was a very cool event, particularly because of it being held @ COTA. I've got quite a bit of track time in my 2005 CTS-V, so running on the newest world-class motorsports venue in the world in a newer V was an opportunity I couldn't pass up! There were 3 stages to the Driving Lab. (1) An auto-cross type setup with a 0-60 "drag strip", stop box, evasive lane change, and slalom. This segment was done in the new Cadillac ATS with the 3.6L V-6 and automatic transmission. (2) A familiarization session on the track in either a CTS-V sedan or wagon (I drove a wagon). The instructor did the first lap to show each driver the line, then pulled back into the pits, swapped positions, and then the driver went out for a couple laps. (3) An additional session on the track in a CTS-V coupe set up with cameras and GPS and g sensors. Since we had already been out on the track once, the instructor did not do a familiarization lap, so each driver got another 3 hot laps in. Apparently there were a few manual transmission CTS-Vs in the mix, but both of the cars I drover were automatics, and I didn't bother trying to mess with the shift buttons on the back of the steering wheel. Interspersed with the driving sessions were tech / advertising sessions with presenters from Cadillac and Cadillac's various partners on the ATS and CTS-V (Brembo, Recaro, and Michelin). The Brembo session was the most informative, as the representative recognized the knowledge level of the group and let us ask more technical questions (rather than him just giving us his "standard" spiel). Each of the instructors I had in the cars with me was friendly and experienced (they all had racing experience at various levels). Andy Pilgrim from the Cadillac Racing Team was on hand to show off the championship-winning CTS-V coupe race car and to answer questions. I've met him at a previous Cadillac event and he was once again very approachable and knowledgeable. All in all, it was a fantastic event, and very well run by the Cadillac folks. If you have the opportunity to get to a V-Series Driving Lab, I highly recommend it! Just sign up at http://www.cadillacvserieslab.com/ to find events near you (or, fly 1500mi to get to an awesome track, like I did!).

Cadillac CTS-V Road Atlanta 133 M.P.H.
Cadillac CTS-V Road Atlanta

Cadillac V-Series Performance Lab @ COTA - 10/9/13
Please excuse my lack of driving skill, as well as the poor A/V quality. ... Cadillac offered me a half-day of driving instruction and track time in an ATS, CTS-V Wagon, and CTS-V Coupe at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, TX. The event offered a full breakfast buffet, various technology discussions/demonstrations, a meet/greet with Johnny O'Connell of ALMS/World Challenge/Le Mans fame, and two sessions of high performance driving around the full 3.4 mi course in both the 2013 CTS-V Wagon and 2013 CTS-V Coupe. This was my first time on a race circuit, and the experience was incredible. If you have the opportunity to take part, I highly recommend that you do so!

Cadillac V-Series Performance Lab. 10/18/12 @ Palm Beach International Raceway
CTS-V Coupe in the rain at the V-Series Lab. This was an amazing experience. Cadillac has truly out done themselves with this marketing campaign. They let you go all out in some of the best vehicles on the planet! This was a fun 2 laps in the rain with some passing so you can see what this event is really like. You get to drive the cars very hard. It's a great time! Thanks Cadilac!!!

Cadillac V-Series Performance Lab at Palm Beach International Raceway 10/18/12
I was invited to the V-Series Lab to drive the new ATS and CTS-V line up. This is the CTS-V Coupe in the rain at PBIR. Thanks Cadillac! I was saying at the end I liked the wagon more than the coupe mainly because there is more room in the wagon.

2013 Cadillac V-Series Performance Lab at CoTA
Lapping CoTA for the first time

Cadillac ATS test drive - V-Series Performance Lab
Circuit of the Americas, Cadillac V-Series Performance Lab he killed quite a few cones on this run... This was filmed at max digital zoom on my Kodak Playsport pocketcam. Please excuse the super pixelated video quality. No, it was not filmed with a toaster!!!

Cadillac V-Series Performance Lab, Joliet, IL, 7/29/11
Driving a 2011 CTS-V on the Autobahn Country Club's 3.5 mile race track. Topped out at 110mph over 2 laps.

Cadillac V-Series Performance Lab @ COTA Onboard
Here's the onboard footage taken during Cadillac's V-Series Performance Lab, hosted by the Circuit of the Americas. Cadillac arranged three 'modules' where you got to drive their selection of high performance V-Series vehicles. This footage was taken from within a CTS-V Coupe for one of the three modules. We were allowed to do about 1.5 laps of the full-length F1 track under the guidance of our instructor. It was an awesome experience! Cadillac did a really good job with the event and I would highly recommend going if you get the opportunity!

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