BMW 3er F30

All new BMW 3 series winter all day test drive! Awesome! Absolutely great! Fantastic control even with DSC off. Volvo, Infiniti and Opel suck! Mercedes is also great, but it was 4 matic though... Opel broke down, so wi didn't really tested it. Passat was not bad at all, it was unexpectedly fun to drive! BMW rocks! Trailer

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BMW in the Snow - Douglas Park.
Full information and offers on our BMW xDrive Range: BMW 320i xDrive M Sport from Douglas Park - watch as we drive completely up a 170 metre ski slope, which has a gradient of 10-15 degrees in 300mm - 400mm of snow. The snow has 200mm under lying layer of ice which has a temp of -12 degrees.

2013 BMW 3-Series (F30) - 320d Modern Line Music: Tiga - You Gonna Want Me

BMW F30 328i
Our very first video, enjoy;)

Things about the BMW 3 Series F30-F31 I like