Deuce and a half pulling a tractor trailer

This truck got stuck & it seemed like a good time to see if the old girl could pull.

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m35 deuce bumper pull
the red truck is a f350 power stroke and my m35 on a concrete pad. i weighed in a little over 6 ton. the ford was almost the same with all the people in his truck plus tractor weights and a half ton wrecking ball. my 6 wheel drive kicked out when he started to pull me backwards. i feathered the fuel trying to get it to lock back up, and i did!!!!

Checking out the capabilities of my M35A2
Taking my M35A2 through it's paces. We spent the day at an old Army base (Camp Livingston, La).

Deuce and a half pulling everybody out
One Samurai got stuck and then two more did trying to pull it out. The Deuce and a half drug them all out!!

My M35A2 Deuce and a half pulling a truck and trailer
Here's a video of my M35A2 military deuce and a half pulling our mud bog truck and gooseneck trailer (12,000 pounds). The trip was about 50 miles from Tallahassee to Perry, Florida. In a straight line, no hills, I could hold it at 50 mph at about 8 pounds of Boost and 1150 degrees. If I gave it 100% throttle, it could hit 12 pounds of Boost and well over 1300 degrees, which I didn't do.