Rice Hunters

Collection of riced out cars

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Rice Hunters Ep.3 (Honda Abomination)
Another ricer gets busted by the infumous rice hunters

Rice Hunters Ep.2 (V8 Honda????)
On our quest to crack down all the ricers in the world, we land our self's a successful capture of this extremely riced out 2nd gen prelude. I was sooooo excited we got this capture on video that I repeated myself multiple times and sounded very unmanly! Its just the side effects that come with the thrilling adventures and dangerous times of... The Rice Hunters!

Riced out car leaning like a cholo. (Kawasaki green rice content)
Ricer spotting. Central Texas. 2009

Rice Hunters Ep.1 (Ricer Truck)
Our names are Dylan And Derek, and we are The Rice Hunters. We crack asses and bring you guys the best ricer footage for your enjoyment, along with arresting the owners of these really riced out rigs. This is just the beginning, our very first rice capture on our quest to crack down on all the ricers in the world. We will laugh, be amazed and in shock, put in dangerous situations, but that's all part of the job for us Rice Hunters.