Brands Hatch Crash - It pays to concentrate on the road!

It pays to concentrate on the track in front, you have been warned;)

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Crash and Burn at Brands Hatch - BMW Championship 1998
I was filming at the side of the circuit back in 1998 when David Kempton and Peter Challis had a coming together at Paddock Hill Bend. The unfortunate John Willcocks collecting David as he tried to spin the car back around and the result of the impact was a huge fire ball. For some reason the tank was possibly leaking or not fitted correctly as usually race tanks are designed to take this kind of impact and not rupture. Fortunately everyone was OK, the cars less so.

Van der Drift horroristic accident Brands Hatch 2010
The 2nd Superleague Formula Race in weekend at Brand Hatch. Chris van der Drift big crash. Not fatal. Chris, you are very, very lucky.

7th september watching the MG racing at brands hatch, two v8 MGB GT's fighting it out but only one survives!

Graeme Ritchie Fatal Crash, 1997 WSBK Brands Hatch (No Sound)
Original footage I have on a tape of Brands '97, in which wildcard Graeme Ritchie's accident is shown. Ritchie's mudguard broke apart under braking for Hawthorne's, which cut his brake lines and left him unable to slow down for the corner. Sound quality was poor with the volume on, so I've unfortunately had to leave it muted. R.I.P. Graeme Ritchie