Brands Hatch Crash - It pays to concentrate on the road!

It pays to concentrate on the track in front, you have been warned;)

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Crash and Burn at Brands Hatch - BMW Championship 1998
I was filming at the side of the circuit back in 1998 when David Kempton and Peter Challis had a coming together at Paddock Hill Bend. The unfortunate John Willcocks collecting David as he tried to spin the car back around and the result of the impact was a huge fire ball. For some reason the tank was possibly leaking or not fitted correctly as usually race tanks are designed to take this kind of impact and not rupture. Fortunately everyone was OK, the cars less so.

Honda civic trackday at Brands Hatch crash Like father like son....
First track-day at brands hatch very wet and extremely slippy track the inevitable happened.... :(

Massive MR2 Crash Brands Hatch 17/4/2011
This is the run up to a massive MR2 crash at Brands Hatch on the 17/4/2011. No actual footage of the crash. Wishing both drivers a speedy recovery.

MG Midget Challenge Brands Hatch 2008 paddock hill accident
Start of the 7th September MG Midget Challenge race from the back of car 36 showing the several spins/accident.