Audi B5 S4 ASP Stg3- vs BMW SMG II E46 M3 - Roll

20 Roll. All races done on a closed course. And in Mexico.

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BMW E46 M3 vs 99 Audi B5 a4 1.8t
Went to mexico to do a 40mph - XXXmph run

B5 S4 vs JB3 E92

2011 Audi S4 vs 2003 BMW M3
30 MPH, Audi has an intake, BMW has an Exhaust. Audi is DSG, BMW is 6 speed.

Homyseed - Nagata-San S4 VS Tete M3 E46
Some tests with Tete and his gorgeous M3 E46 ! Some troubles on the S4, missing about 8% power... back soon !