1999 Accord V6

My freshly waxed accord drive around Mods include : 20% Tints Factory Lip Kit Fog Lights JDM Black Headlights 6000k HIDs AEM Short Ram Intake Flowmaster 60 Series with resonater removed

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Nooris 1999 Accord
A 99 Accord with a sick system!

DIY OEM foglight switch w/ aftermarket wiring harness Part 2
DIY instruction on how to wire your OEM foglight switch using the aftermarket replica foglight wiring harness. Check out part 1 video on how to make the pigtail for the OEM switch. The 2 positive and the 2 ground wire from the OEM switch pigtail with be combined into 1 lead each. In the end, you will have the Original Switch with a 3 lead pigtail instead of 5. The aftermarket replica foglight switch connector has 4 wires. If you trace back the 2 red wire.. you will notice that it actually combines into 1. So cut the wiring harness so that you have 3 wires instead of 4. Make sure to solder and shrink wrap the connections.

honda accord
intake, staight, pipes,boardout pistons,2.5 in pipes,lip,jdm lights,18in rims,skyline body kit,evo painted front bumper

1999 Honda accord v6 straight pipe
Sea foam 2.5 in. Straight pipe High flow CAT AEM V2 cold air intake 2 in. drop