classic 2 stroke catastrophic engine kill.... i had this little project i had going on the side. This is how I like to relax bike : 2000 kawasaki kx125 ...(2-stroke)

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KX 250 FMF Gnarly Pipe test 2
Riding my Kawasaki KX 250 -2003 FMF Gnarly Pipe, PC Shorty Silencer, Boyesen Power Reeds, ProX Piston.

kawasaki kx 125 1997 rebuild
my kawasaki kx 125 1997 rebuild

Kx125 worn topend
After Comp. test...it was 65psi after about 120+ hrs on motor.

Yamaha Yz250 Project Bike Rebirth/Rebuild
Yamaha yz250 2006, completely dismantled and then rebuilt back into a race bike. More videos of my yz250 in action are too come, so stay tuned! just press that subscribe button! List of products bought was $5,500. Leave you feedback of what you think :D