Maisto Elite Transport, Adventure Wheels, Speed Gear

The Maisto Elite Transporters have some licensed models and are about the same price as Hot Wheels Truckin' Transporters which are for kids. To see another video that shows previous releases with a trailer, or search my videos for Maisto Elite Transport: Police Lambo And here was the final 2-pack that I could never find.

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Trailer Hitches On The Maisto Elite Transport Models
Here's a follow-up due to those viewers with watchful eyes. All of the sealed packages shown for comparison are older releases and are not currently available in stores.

Maisto Elite Transport: Police Lambo
Also check out my collection of Avalanche/Escalade 2-packs! And here was the final 2-pack that I could never find. Check out these awesome Elite Transport releases!

Tonka Metal Diecast 2-Packs With Trailer Hitches
These 2-packs were part of the first offerings from the Tonka line from Funrise (Hasbro) in 2012 and can still be found in 2014. I'm curious how well the trailer hitches work because often with smaller scales, I have seen other brands not have good success with their hitches. There are eight different packages but when you examine them, you can see that there are only two different vehicles and four different trailers. You can get either the Pickup or the 4X4 (Jeep-type vehicle) and each one can be found with the following attachments: Horse Trailer Motorcycles ATV Boat In a previous video, I had been asked about the scale of these Tonka diecast. How do they compare to Matchbox? I show the comparison to the following brands/models: Matchbox: Subaru Impreza WRX Terrainiac (2014 New Model) Hot Wheels: Twin Mill III '87 Toyota Pick Up Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies: Mater Francesco Bernoulli Disney Pixar Cars: Bug Mouth McQueen High Dive Mater I also test out the trailer to see if these can fit: Monster Jam Mighty Minis: Northern Exposure Trash Wheels: General Jeep Recommended videos: Tonka Original Singles Tonka Strike Force Military Vehicles Matchbox Real Working Rigs PLAYLIST HW Nitro Hill Race Subscribe to RaceGrooves Social Networking sites/connections Facebook - Google+ RaceGrooves YouTube Playlists

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