Fastest Powerwheels Escalade. Gas powered.

My 6.5hp Power Wheels Escalade. Too much fun!

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40 MPH Gas Power Wheels
This is what you get when you cram a 5 horspower 160cc honda engine into a plastic escalade made for a kid: an unstable 40 MPH death trap. The frame is made out of unistrut, the wheels were meant for a wheel barrel, and the rest of it is just junk we had laying around the garage. To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email

Power wheels hummer gas powered first ride
Built for my kids for Christmas. First time out in the backyard with the 4 year old

Little Kenworth Semi cruisin the streets
I'm just driving my little truck that I built to get a burger at Sonic.

power wheels modiffications
www. we explain how to modify a power wheel. How to do a tighter turn on a power wheel and what to expect when you do power wheels modifications.