Fastest Powerwheels Escalade. Gas powered.

My 6.5hp Power Wheels Escalade. Too much fun!

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Power Wheels Jeep Hurricane with Creek Crossing
Gabe and Garrett head to the mountains again for some more off-roading in their Fisher Price Power Wheels Jeep Hurricane! Thank you all so much for making this video pass the 1 million view mark!

Extreme Downhill Powerwheels Battle
The fastest Powerwheels racers on the planet gathered in Southern California to duke it out in a downhill crashfest to determine a true world champion. Carried out in true holiday fashion, watch to see which of your favorite Christmas characters survive! FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: @ATTAIN_MEDIA @MUSCLEKINGZ @BAD_ASS_OFFICIAL @ROORGLASS Music by Dethpopvideos

40 MPH Gas Power Wheels
This is what you get when you cram a 5 horspower 160cc honda engine into a plastic escalade made for a kid: an unstable 40 MPH death trap. The frame is made out of unistrut, the wheels were meant for a wheel barrel, and the rest of it is just junk we had laying around the garage. To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email

Dynoing Barbie Power Wheels
2013 Barbie Mustang power Wheel Dyno'd at DBR High Performance. Just got this for my kids and wanted to know how much power it made.... Make sure you watch the end....