Fastest Powerwheels Escalade. Gas powered.

My 6.5hp Power Wheels Escalade. Too much fun!

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40 MPH Gas Power Wheels
This is what you get when you cram a 5 horspower 160cc honda engine into a plastic escalade made for a kid: an unstable 40 MPH death trap. The frame is made out of unistrut, the wheels were meant for a wheel barrel, and the rest of it is just junk we had laying around the garage. To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email

Little Kenworth Semi cruisin the streets
I'm just driving my little truck that I built to get a burger at Sonic.

High Volts PW - Powerwheels Ford F-150 Doing Wheelies & Hill Climb
Thank you so much for watching another episode of HighVoltsRC! On this episode Emma climbs the main hill to the High Volts RC track and dose some wheelies in her Ford F-150 Power wheels!!! Please SUBSCRIBE so you don't miss any Mud Bashing!!! Intro music by The Phantoms Guest

Fastest Powerwheels Chevy Silverado with gas engine
The stock electric drive was just too slow! We modified a little quad to make the Power Wheels body fit it.