FORD 428 Cobra Jet Maverick Recovery 10 Second Old School Ride

This picture compilation is the Big Block 428 FE Maverick over the last 28+ years from 1986 to now. Pics from when it was bought and built in 1986, then traded-off in 1992, then dismantled, lost in a barn, then back to us in 2008 for recovery. Project has slowed down quite a bit of late but will be getting back to "speed". A 434 and 454 cubic inch Ford FE Big Block are staged for power. Thank you for taking a minute to visit and thanks for watching!

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Maverick 9.38 141mph
Beautiful Maverick doing some test run at napierville dragway on may 5 2012

1972 Ford Maverick vs. 2015 Challenger Hellcat at 2015 Duluth Drag Races
The Maverick has a 351W with a T5 transmission. Race 2/5 2015 Duluth Drag Races & Car Show

The History of the Ford Maverick
I've been too sick to make new Manology and Old School Cool videos so I thought I'd share with you the History of one of my favorite cars of all time. the Ford Maverick. The video is pretty long but if you're a car person it's very interesting. The information in this video was provided by Wikipedia. While a rep at Ford confirmed that it would be highly unlikely that their wiki page displayed wrong information, it is not impossible. Therefore if you find small inaccuracies in the details of this video I apologize in advance - I can only report the information that is available to me.

Ford Comet Maverick V8 vs Corvette vs Lotus
Compilation of brazilian great videos about FORD Comet Maverick. Trackday versus Corvette and Lotus. Compilado de videos brasileiros de Ford Maverick.