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Chevybombs Picnic 2009

4th Annual Chevybombs Picnic 2009 Antioch, CA Chevybombs.Com


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Bombs United 6th Annual Picnic & Show N Shine 4/28/2012
Bombs United 6th annual car show in San Jose, Ca. Another great show on a nice sunny day in History Park. -Video By Lobo

53 Chevy - A Nice Restored Old School Classic - SOLD!
This video was remade for those of you who for whatever reason cannot view the video due to the music (I Can't Take My Eyes Off of You!) which ended with a picture of the car and those words--I can't take my eyes off of you! This 1953 Chevy Bel Air hardtop coupe is a super driver that can be driven casually or you could see the USA in your Chevrolet! Powered by a strong 235, 6-cylinder, with a C-10 5-speed transmission, it has an Offenhauser manifold, headers (great pipes), dual carbs, chrome wheels and wide white wall tires. Stock colors appear to be Woodland Green and Campus Cream. A very well done old school restoration was done about 15 years ago which appears to have been a frame off. Total miles are 148K. This car has truly weathered the years well and just a great old school rod—subtle with just enough sass! When you cruise down the street in this car—it is true—they will only have eyes for you! Please call 503-855-4345 or 1-888-597-6719 for more information.


Chevybombs Picnic 2009
4th Annual Chevybombs Picnic 2009 Antioch, CA Chevybombs.Com

Jason Car

1957 Chevy Bel Air Wagon: Spark Show Down San Fernando Blvd
Chad shows off the Air Ride suspension on his 1957 Chevy Bel Air Wagon, Trusty Rusty, by dropping it on the deck to put on a spark show down San Fernando Blvd.


'47 CHEVY FLEETLINE"1947 シボレー フリートライン ' Pinstriper HIRO"
'47 CHEVY FLEETLINE"19547シボレー フリートライン ' Pinstriper HIRO の愛車なり!LIFESTYLE PAINT18th Annual YOKOHAMA Hot Rod Custom Show 2009 2009HOTRODCUSTOMSHOW・横浜ホットロッドカスタムショー(ホー ムページ)http://ls-custompaint.com (ブログ) http://blog.livedoor.jp/lifestyle44nu... 今回のペイントはフレイクベース(ラメ)にセブンティ ーズな、いくつもの柄入れペイント難易度の高いペイン トです。塗美nuriyoshiぬりよし マスクロンスイロングスイングアームソウルキャンディ ービックスクーターカスタムフルチューンエアーサスペ ンション外装塗装敷島レーシング麗心愚 ADVANデビル管ラメ塗装イラストバイク塗装ハーレ ー塗装メッキ加工シートSEMASHOWセマショーウ オートトレンドワークスピンスト特殊コンペヒップホッ プカーオーディオオートサロン出展出典出店出場ツーリ ングカスタムスクーターオールペイント自家塗装ウレタ ンプロハウスオブカラーガンペイントスプレーAIRB RUSHマルチフェードローライダーLEDウーハーア プ埋め込み加工ワンオフ偏平タイヤマグザム250ス イウェーブ250フュージョン250フォルツァ25 トライクハーレーダヴィッドソンブイマックスV-MAX エクストリームアメリカンシンプソンアライショーエイ ショウエイヘルメットペイントスーパースポーツオリジ ナルペイント サイケデリック トランスMajesty (MAJESTY) is a motorcycle of the scooter type that YAMAHA MOTOR is manufacturing, and numerical model is sold as a series model according to the displacement. MAJESTY250 MAJESTY250 was put on the market in 1995. It is a model by whom it differs from the scooter sold till then, and mass Mettoinspas is secured for the body of big, and it becomes a hit car with the sale. The vehicle that had been restyled in 1999 was also large the evaluation of the style, became a smash hit car that became most sales during year in an automatic two-wheeled vehicle of the age, and became even a vehicle that remained in the history of making the Big scooter take root not only Japan but also all over the world. Moreover, Majesty C of the custom specification of the manufacturer to which the exterior of a general vehicle is voluntarily changed kept being put on the market from coming do the custom for which the user changes the exterior according to my favor because of recent, and even the Exhaust emission regulations application in 2007 being produced. Restyling was done on May 31, 2007, and the hand was added greatly as the body style made the headlight the length eye two pairs. The improvement of the running feeling is attempted by the combination with the electronically controlled changing the speed device newly equipped though SOHC water-cooled engine of the fuel injection equipment is renewed to the setting that values the torque of the low rotation region so that the engine may correspond to automobile Exhaust gas regulations and it installed it

Old Traditions Car Club
Old Traditions Car Club

Viejitos Car Club LowRider Photo Shoot 06-27-09
Viejitos Illinois having a firme time in Califas, here cruizn to the LowRider photo shoot on 06-27-09. Who's in the house?!?!? PURO PINCHE VIEJITOS! *El Doggy de Viejitos Chicago Chapter*.

Lifestyle Car Club Pictures
Lifestyle Car Club Pictures

Bombs United 4th Annual Picnic 4-3-10
Beautiful Lowrider Bombs from around the bay area gathered for a car show/picnic at History park/Kelly park in San Jose, Ca.


Monster Garage - 1954Chevy
original air date 2004 season 2 episode 15 Project vehicle: 1954 Chevrolet 2-door sedan Build Cost Tally Vehicle Cost: $6000 Freebie Value: $14193 Parts Total: $3167 Grand Total: $23360 A team of senior car customizing legends were summoned to transform an old school car into a modern chariot worthy of the Caesar of mechanics. With 393 years of experience under one roof, will they make history for the Monster Garage, or will they just become history? Design team: Bill Hines (as Bill 'the Lead Slinger' Hines) (83) (lead slinger) Dick Dean (automotive artist) Gene Winfield (body specialist) Fat Jack (custom chassis fabricator) John Robinson, Jr. (as John Robinson) (crane mechanic) Norm Grabowski (as Norm 'El Polacko' Grabowski) (hod rodder, actor/car enthusiast, sculpter) Tom Taylor (hod rod illustrator) Build team: Bill Hines (as Bill 'the Lead Slinger' Hines) (83), custom-car builder from Garden Grove, California Dick Dean, custom-car builder from San Jacinto, California Gene Winfield, custom-car builder of Gene Winfield's Rod and Custom from Mojave, California Fat Jack, custom-car builder from Lake Elsinore, California John Robinson, Jr. (as John Robinson) crane mechanic from Long Beach, California Norm Grabowski (as Norm 'El Polacko' Grabowski), retired actor and hot-rod owner from Lead Hill, Arkansas Michael Hines (as Mike), Bill's son

RATROD 1 : just for show
thank you all who watched this .The new video is up as of 2/7/13 hope you guy have time to watch it and share it . look back in a few weeks for the new videos thank you Harley5125 , ThePocketSandShow sub to my new channel http://www.youtube.com/user/thepocketsandshow

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