Vintage - The Alfa Romeo Montreal | drive it

1966 marked the dawn of the story of the unique Alfa Montreal.Its makers demanded only one thing of the 200 horsepower 8-cylinder beast: to showcase what Alfa was capable of. Its racing chassis was borrowed from the 33 and first had to be tamed for regular roads. Ulrich Pfeiffer has been living the Alfa Montreal dream since 1972. He is one of just 187 registered owners of the cult car.

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Vintage: Intermeccanica Italia Spyder | Drive it!
The Intermeccanica Italia Spyder combines a stylish Italian chassis with some American muscle. Franco Scaglione designed the chassis in the mid-1960s. But the Spyder owes its bite to an eight-cylinder US engine - in his case a Ford. Drive it! checks out an Italia Spyder with the optional four-speed manual gear box. Drive It! home page:

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Classic sports car - Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto | Drive it!
The Alfa Romeo Spider Duetto is the quintessential Italian sports car - La dolce Vita on four wheels. On a trip to San Francisco, Jürgen Stratmann stumbled upon a Duetto in an Alfa Romeo workshop and brought it home with him to Bavaria. Alfa Romeo only ever built 6,300 of the 1st-generation Spider Duettos. Read more:

vintage! BMWs 02 Series | drive it
BMW released its two-door 02 Series in 1966 with an eye on the lower end of the market. The design was economical and the engineering was lifted from the carmaker's larger models. BMW invested a mere two years of development but managed to created a new class of car. It has also been one of its most successful. The 02 Series was a family sedan with race car credentials - the perfect allrounder.