Leandro Barbosa Killer Crossover on Andres Nocioni's ankles!!

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5 Point Throws
Wrestling throws gaining the maximum points. To those of you discussing whether the throws shown are either 3 or 5 points, I can tell you they are all 5 point scores because the footage comes from a referees' training tape from the International Federation (FILA). But as the footage shows, even working referees can get it wrong from time to time.

Encuentro con la Generacion Dorada - Chapu Nocioni
Encuentro con la Generación Dorada Conduce: Adrián Paenza La Generación Dorada, el grupo de basquetbolistas argentinos que en apenas seis años conquistó un subcampeonato mundial, una medalla de oro olímpica y otra de bronce; es mucho más que un equipo deportivo exitoso. Es un ejemplo de compromiso, cooperación y entrega a un ideal. La historia de la Generación Dorada y las historias de sus héroes merece ser contada en un canal educativo porque está llena de enseñanzas, de modelos a seguir; ya que habla de valores que no solo funcionan en el deporte de elite; sino que son aplicables a cualquier tarea de grupo. Proponerse un objetivo, trabajar duro para lograrlo, saber enfrentar la adversidad y apoyar y apoyarse en todos y en cada uno de los integrantes del grupo. http://www.taringa.net/posts/deportes/12600457/Encuentro-con-la-generacion- dorada----Chapu-Nocioni.html

Leandro Barbosa 14 pts vs Grizzlies 05.05.2015
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Leandro Barbosa 13 Points Full Highlights (6/14/2015)
Now is a good time to remember that Leandro Barbosa was once actually one of the NBA's premier three-point shooters. It was almost a decade ago, but just because something happened a long time ago doesn't mean we shouldn't remember it. That's what my history teacher told me. He was talking about the Native American genocide, but I think it applies to the Brazilian Blur as well. Remembering this hurts. Everybody from that 2006-07 Suns team is out of the league or close to it. Steve Nash = dead. Raja Bell = dead. Kurt Thomas = died a long time ago. Shawn Marion = near death. Boris Diaw = fat. Amar'e Stoudemire = no knees. James Jones = immortal. Okay, that last one isn't so sad. And Barbosa is still going strong. But remembering these sick teams from the past just gets sadder and sadder as the players that composed them start to crumble away. When will I feel happiness again? Probably never. All clips property of the NBA. No copyright infringement is intended.