1970 Pontiac Firebird Formula 400 Red

Perfection, is what I would say! Beautiful car, looks like it just came from the showroom. Original owner, and the window sticker is there for inspection. I can see why someone would keep a car like this for 41 years! Amazing, when you think of it!

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1977 Dodge Adventurer Warlock Likely Clone Blk
This is a clone of a very rare truck, the Warlock. It was sold at the same time as the Lil' Red Express. There are deviations from the real thing, but the truck is a good looker! This has the 360 V8...plenty of power to make this truck a real performer. The black has a lot of metal flake..almost looks charcoal in color.

Datsun 240Z Early70s Red
Datsun wasn't known as Nissan in the U.S. at this time...that name would come later, switching names to the familiar world wide name. This car helped shift the focus from the British sports cars that had dominated imports for some time...Datsun offered a dependable, fun car..at $3500 in 1971 that was significantly less than a Corvette of the period at $5300. Granted, they weren't in the same class, but the Datsun offered sports car fun at a relatively low price. And it looked good, too!

1956 Chevy Bel Air 6 Two Door Sedan Blu
Here's an opportunity to see the "stovebolt" 6 in the highest trim level of this car. Not at all unusual...all the glory in restoration seems to come to the V8s..but it ignores the typical form of this car..the economical six! Chevy was not about to turn its back on those who swore by this engine!

1964 Plymouth Valiant Signet 200 crm
Valiant actually made the shift in styling in 1963. People found this car much more mainstream than the original Valiant styling of 1960. In addition to two and four door sedans, Valiants came in hardtops like this one, convertibles, and four door stationwagons. Very useful, plenty of power with either the slant 6 or V8. This is the last year for pushbutton control of the automatic.