Old Kenworth W900 with an 8V92 Detroit Diesel

found this walkin around at the truck show out of the blue this old kw starts revin like hell i think its an old w900a im not sure its got an 8V92 detroit in it ...heres a video of this same truck drag racing a new t800... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaz8xaZPgQk

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Kenworth W900 with a 8v92 detroit diesel
My best friend's w900 KW with an 8v92T.He was having a little fun puffing some black smoke and using the Jake Brake.

1967 Kenworth W900 V-12 Detroit Diesel Startup & Engine Rev
This 67' Kenworth is old school big horsepower at its finest being turned over and rev'd up! Filmed: August 2015 Brooks Truck Show outside of Salem, Oregon USA.

8V92 359 Peterbilt
LISTEN TO THAT DETRIOT POWER! .. www.supershowrigs.com

Pete 359 Classic Takeoff
THIS IS IN CANADA just so y'all know. My brother's 1987 Peterbilt 359 Classic workin' in the bush near vassar, mb. sweet smoke! wish mine could do that. It has a 3406B block Cat 425. Oh and a big thanks to you tuber tod3k for giving us the new name for this truck..... "Old Smokey Jerk!" Cheers!