Old Kenworth W900 with an 8V92 Detroit Diesel

found this walkin around at the truck show out of the blue this old kw starts revin like hell i think its an old w900a im not sure its got an 8V92 detroit in it ...heres a video of this same truck drag racing a new t800... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaz8xaZPgQk

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W-900 with 8V-92 Detroit Diesel
A ride in Chip Singletary's Silver powered Kenworth

12V71 Detroit Diesel Brockway
The best way to turn diesel fuel into noise? A Detroit Diesel 12V71 under the hood of Brockway! www.brockwaytrucks.org for more!

Bill Lattimer's w900a at start up

14 Yearold drives a 1987 Kenworth W900 around the yard
This is my first time driving a semi but I just recently bought 2 kenworth cabovers to restore and save em from the scrap heap, haters will be haters but I don't give a shit, either support me in my dream or don't but driving trucks is my life!