Summer video compilation

Includes me driving: Livernois Motorsports built head/cam C5 Corvette convertible, head/cam C6, 770RWHP F1 ProCharged 2005 Mustang GT, and the infamous 12-second turbo Escalade

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My C5 with the old exhaust and Z06 wheels
Sound like a boat? :D

Old Summer/Winter Compilation
This video was made several years ago and features a few of my old cars ('96 Saleen Speedster, '99 Saleen Speedster, '01 Cobra Convertible) and a few other toys. Triumph TT 600, Yamaha YSR 50, etc.

C5 Hoppity-Hop
Cold weather makes for lots of wheel-hop.. even from a roll.

My father's Amphicar
It's a car... wait it's a boat... check it out!