Race in the Desert -- BMW X5 vs. Flatrace

Wide open spaces for high speeds. The El Mirage Dry Lake in Californa, USA is the perfect place for an extreme challenge. A hot race between a BMW X5 and a weird Flatrace-Car.

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This month, ignition helps a car dealer find one car that has everything he wants: prestige, pace and comfort; and, perhaps most importantly, room for his golf clubs! Just one look at the BMW – with its M Sport bodykit and 20-inch alloy wheels – was enough to prove to Anthony that the X5 was one SUV with the accent firmly on Sport. It was a look he liked – ‘unmistakably a BMW’, he said, with a smile on his face. Inside, we’ve long appreciated the clever iDrive system that controls most of the infotainment functions, and Anthony was a big fan, too; not just because it was easy to use, but also because it made the dashboard nice and uncluttered. ‘Simple, but functional,’ he reckoned, and we can only agree. Beyond that, he was delighted to see that not only was the car as well finished as he’d expected of a BMW, there was also more than enough room in the boot for a couple of sets of golf clubs. And, just as importantly, he said, it would be easy for him and his family to get in and out. Perhaps the biggest surprise came when he took to the road. This car may have all the desirable attributes of a family car – space, comfort and practicality – but beneath its skin beats the heart of a sports car. It has outstanding acceleration and responds instantly when you ask it to. To cap it all, he was delighted that he could have all that acceleration from such a big car, yet he could still achieve as much as 40mpg. A thoroughly impressive package. BMW X5 M50d 0-62mph – 5.3 secs Top Speed – 155mph Combined economy – 42.2mpg CO2 - 177g/km List price - £63,715 Price (as tested) - £76.830 Search for a used BMW X5: http://www.autotrader.co.uk/search/used/cars/bmw/x5?atcido=soc-car-youtube- content Find a new BMW X5: http://www.autotrader.co.uk/new-cars/generation/61345?atcido=soc-car-youtub e-content Subscribe for more videos from Auto Trader every Friday: http://bit.ly/1zGalWt Welcome! Auto Trader is the UK’s biggest, best and most trusted car buying website, and our YouTube channel will help make finding your dream vehicle easier than ever. Every week, we’ll present the latest new car reviews, covering everything from supercars to family estates. Our motoring experts have more than 75 years of testing experience between them, and their jargon-free verdicts cover real-world practicality, recommended specifications and reveal the real cost of ownership. Every video review is even complimented by a full written report on AutoTrader.co.uk. But don’t just take our word for it; every month, we’ll ask some of Britain’s most passionate petrolheads to share their owner reviews. Factor in tutorials, used car guides, plus bonus motorcycle and van reviews and we have all your motoring needs covered. Auto Trader: https://www.autotrader.co.uk Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/autotraderuk? Twitter: https://twitter.com/AutoTrader_UK Instagram: https://instagram.com/autotraderuk Pinterest: https://www.youtube.com/user/autotraderuk

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From the Beginning, BMW focussed on dynamics and efficiency. The film highlights the first outstanding achievements in the 1930s and 1940s. Leading BMW engineers remember their key moments.

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Crazy bmw . One of a kind!!! Sport packege CUSTOM