330ci drag NED

330ci drag NED

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1st Drag in 330
Me vs. Greg

Drag and Brag 09
my buddy recording me and some other cars racing at the texas motor speed way, i drive a bmw sliver 330ci. if you watch in the video the 09 sti driver sucks balls thats the reason i took him off the line

August 29 330Ci Drag Racing

'01 330ci vs '69 Chevelle
Gainesville raceway in late September, ciraca 100 degree weather. The 330ci has schrick cams 264 in, 248 out advertised. eBay hedders, AA tune, but does not account for cams, 3.38 rear diff, Sumitomo HTRZ 255/40r17 2.5 deg neg camber, pss9 400lbs front, 457lbs rear, UUC luminum flywheel