330ci drag NED

330ci drag NED

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1st Drag in 330
Me vs. Greg

DLSJ5 ESS VT2-625 at MFEST-V Drag Race Event (HiDef)
DLSJ5 takes his ESS VT2-625 to the MFest-V Drag Race Event. BMW Dyno Database 300+ Dyno charts and videos: http://www.bmwDynodatabase.com The Ultimate BMW Enthusiast Forum: http://www.bimmertech.info

Drag and Brag 09
my buddy recording me and some other cars racing at the texas motor speed way, i drive a bmw sliver 330ci. if you watch in the video the 09 sti driver sucks balls thats the reason i took him off the line

Union Hill - HPF M3/Mustang
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