Old Top Gear 1990- Feature on Jaguar

The team look at past Jaguar models. Taken from season 13 episode 3.

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1960s Jaguar S-type 3.4/3.8 50th Anniversary
The Jaguar S-types of the 1960s are "deeply desirable machines, with gloriously supple leather of blood red, dashboards fashioned from golden walnut, and enough glinting silver (wire wheels, leaping cat mascot) to grace a duke's dining table." Seventeen S-types attended the JDC's 50th Anniversary at the 2013 National Day, and looked resplendent. As Jasper Gerard continues: "If you don't feel excited peering over that sensuously curved bonnet clothing the magnificent 3.8-litre engine, well, you don't have a pulse. In the status-obsessed hierarchy of Jaguar ownership, the S-type is less desirable than the classically beautiful Mark II, whose curved rear mirrored its buxom front. To the uninitiated the S can look as if the MkII's front has been bolted to the angular behind of a 420, which replaced the S - Barbara Windsor meets Twiggy. But to me the S-type's sweeping lines appear more poised and purposeful. New, the S-type was costlier, but since both became "classics" rather than merely "old" the MkII has been the one to have."

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